The Mona Lisa Must Go Argues NY Times Art Critic

He wants it out of the Louvre, calling it the Kim Kardashian of 16th century Italian portraiture.

NY Times-

 Even in a city saturated with excellent fall exhibitions, from the Grand Palais’s retrospective of El Greco to the Fondation Louis Vuitton’s showcase of Charlotte Perriand, the show of the season here is the decade-in-the-works “Leonardo da Vinci,” at the Musée du Louvre. Mandatory timed tickets are sold out through November for this thorough, deeply serious exhibition, which sloughs off the myths that cling to this least productive of Renaissance masters. You will find here a cleaner, sprightlier Leonardo — or at least you will in the show downstairs, where four of the Louvre’s five paintings by the artist have been relocated.

Upstairs, where Leonardo’s most famous work remains, is still a fiasco.

The Louvre houses the greatest collection of art anywhere in Europe, within a palace that is a masterpiece in its own right. It is, by some distance, the most popular museum in the world. In 2018 a record 10 million visitors, three-quarters of them foreign tourists, besieged the joint: up 25 percent on the previous year, and more than triple the attendance of the Centre Pompidou or the Musée d’Orsay.

Yet the Louvre is being held hostage by the Kim Kardashian of 16th-century Italian portraiture: the handsome but only moderately interesting Lisa Gherardini, better known (after her husband) as La Gioconda, whose renown so eclipses her importance that no one can even remember how she got famous in the first place.

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31 Comments on The Mona Lisa Must Go Argues NY Times Art Critic

  1. As with Music and Movie critics, Art critics are mostly people with no talent of any kind themselves. This putz lives in NY. Why should he care what’s in the Louvre?? STFU.

    I myself am a Art Critic, critic. Here’s a review for you. You Suck!

  2. New Year’s Predictions
    December 31, 2016

    OceanSailor January 1, 2017
    “IOTW Report keeps on reporting.
    BFH Art hangs in the Louvre.”

    ‘Zonga Tria’

  3. …but that presidential portrait of Obama sitting in a chair that’s floating in ivy is the stuff of true genius!

    What a maroon! <—— a color that can also be an insult! 👍

  4. written by someone that obviously wants to drink from the ‘Piss Christ’ glass

    … just another asshole that wants to stir up controversy by being ‘edgy’

  5. That very very nicely done portrait of @Zonga in the peasant shirt by the talented @BFH has similarities to the ML. Not kidding here and NOT looking for bullshit approval or upvotes, just sayin’. Anyone that has not seen that should go back and look at that…

    DaVinci was a genius. ON.EVERY.LEVEL.

    This is just another example of how the left hates art and science in one twofer shot.

    The removal of the Classics is in high gear. We only have to look at what happened here pre-DJT, to memorials that were either taken down or to this very day disgraced, spray painted upon and such.

  6. What fraud hasn’t the ny times perpetrated? Lying for communist killers in the Soviet Union, lying for corrupt leftists infesting the US government, even lying about their “best seller” list (which, we have found out, is as bullshit as their “news”).

    Dump the ny times.

  7. Illustr8r — I just read a piece about the artist who did oblowme’s painting. There’s a sperm cell on temple of oblowme. It’s part of the artist’s schtick — he puts sperm cells in all of his portraits. The guy sounds like a real weirdo, too. I’m too tired to go looking for the article; maybe you can bing it if you’re inclined.

  8. Went this past August to the Louvre , stood in line for 2 hours going upstairs to the third floor and when you finally get in front of Mona they give you 30 seconds and then you get the bum rush out.

  9. I am exceedingly grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to visit some of Europe’s finest art museums, including the Louvre. But the last time I was there I had my older aunt with me and she ran out of gas at the Louvre with way too many exhibits still to visit. But The Rodin and the Musee D’Orsay were also on the menu and you could spend a month without a day off and not see everything you’d like at any of them! It’s quite a thrill to see the originals of so many famous works of art.

  10. Whelp, here goes..
    I agree. The Mona Lisa attracts the ignorant like a new and sincere psychic. The majority who stand before greatness are interested only in a selfie with her and couldn’t tell shit from Shinola about art.
    Move the Mona Lisa to a Kiosk in the Plaza behind a six inch thick acrylic containment area, charge up the wazoo to get in front of it and separate the wheat from the chaff

  11. Art criticism is totally stupidido. I have a book of Van Gogh’s works With annotations by sOme idiot art critic. It is absolute drivel.

  12. You’d be better off going to the American Wing at the Met, and there is no wait:

    Washing Crossing the Delaware, 1851, Emmanuel Leutze

    That’s the 14th Continental Marblehead Mariners, I have read different accounts about who exactly is in the boat. Also one of the most parodied, like the ML, pieces of artwork in history.

    It’s also one of the largest paintings I have ever seen, it takes up an entire wall.

    Oh and there’s that commercial, speaking of great parodies:

  13. $50 says this same critic thinks “Piss Christ” is one of the greatest art works of the 20th century.

    NYT “art critic” = raging faggot asshole

  14. Right, Art Critic.

    I bet this talentless prick loves “PISSED” by Cassils the transgender performance artist. Look it up, a true disgrace from a Canadian born pig allegedly.

  15. This moron has an idea. He can buy the Mona Lisa, and then do whatever he wants.
    Can’t afford it? Shut up and sit down. Opinions are like bellybuttons. Everybody has at least one.

  16. Diogenese! You go Girl!

    This is just another iteration of the “WOKE” derangement. And I categorically ignore all of their Bullshit. That’s all they got, by the way.

  17. Communist goal #23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. ” Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

    From The Naked Communist

  18. This is a tough one!
    A vacuous 16th century no talent fug or a 21 century no talent c*unt.
    Is this a JD Power award fake poll?
    Please, it has not come down to this,,,

  19. Leonardo da Vinci_
    Of the most famous names ever
    A master artist, painter
    Designer, visionary
    Biologist, anatomy
    Genius White guy!
    That does it. He has to go!
    Others will be next.
    Dead serious.

  20. All this fuss over a postcard sized painting. That’s what I thought when I finally got to it. The hallway leading up to it is all Divinici, and the works are much more impressive. If you go, take your time getting to Mona.

  21. Well, I’ll take it.

    If the Louvre don’t want it, just send it to me!

    Shit, I’ll even kick in the postage.

    izlamo delenda est …

  22. Gee Wally, maybe we should start removing music from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame just because some tone-deaf prick doesn’t like it.

    Yeah Beave, and we could start tearing down statues we don’t like too!

    Oh, wait…

  23. Just think, only a very few years ago anyone who came forth with such ridiculous statements would be involuntarily detained and sent for a psych evaluation. Now days this insanity goes mostly unnoticed.


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