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The Most Offensive Halloween EVER!

Social justice warriors have vowed to call the police on people wearing “offensive” Halloween costumes!

*Some Salty Language

18 Comments on The Most Offensive Halloween EVER!

  1. How is this for offensive, I’m dressing up as a happily married, self employed, tax paying, law abiding, white guy. That should drive some SJWs nuts.

  2. I’m dressing up as
    Anthony Weiner Carlos Danger
    And carrying a “cellphone” with the words
    “MY JUNK” on the screen.

  3. This Hallowe’en my get-up will be the scariest, most offensive, socially insensitive, emphatically sexist thing imaginable.

    I’ll be an old, fat, white guy with a gun.

  4. Al, I’m currently looking for the Nazi Helmet and silly string.

  5. Halloween has been postponed.

    It’s been rescheduled for Nov. 8.

  6. Once again my wife has vetoed my dream of going out as a pull toy – naked except for a pair of roller skates.

  7. And, what do they expect the Police to do when informed of an “offensive” costume ??? Cops get pretty busy on Halloween with vandalism/tricks and drunk drivers out and about with kids out on the street. Doubt they have time to deal with what someone’s OPINION of offensive costume is.

  8. @Cherrybark – Maybe she’d compromise? Suggest instead of naked you’ll it a trench coat and a strategically attached whole pepperoni.

  9. Ha ha, killer clowns. Spike TV is now showing a repeat of It.

    I hated the lame ending, but until then it was ok.

    Killer clown alert! Run to your safe place!

  10. Exactly what law will they be enforcing for these snowflakes?

    The “I’m offended by everything so stop the world for me” law?

    I don’t think do.

  11. I’m going to wear nothing but trousers, and go as premature ejaculation. I came in my pants!

  12. The most offensive outfit I can think of is to go dressed as a liberal.

  13. I’m offended by Social justice Warriors.
    But, I’m not one to call 911.
    Hmmmm………….whatever shall I do?

  14. Lol apparently their latest Twitter mob “offensive costume” target is Hillary Duff. Give me a break.

  15. So, the only guy in the Village People that can show his face is the Leather Guy.
    Not the Racist White Construction Worker,
    Not the Cop, Black lives matter
    Not the Indian, don’t appropriate someone’s culture
    Not the Racist White Cowboy who oppresses Indians
    Not the Army dude who fights the Industrial Military Complex proxy wars for oil.

  16. No Halloween In Thailand, this year

    Thailand has raise the bar for grieving to a whole new level. Some examples…

    All Thais expected to wear black, grey or white for 30 days. Government officials to wear black for one year. Mannequins in the shops were all dressed in black.

    Do not wear a red shirt (Thaksin’s, anti-monarchy color) unless you want to get mobbed

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