The Most Powerful 2 Minutes of TV I’ve Seen in Awhile

In this episode, I address the most powerful few minutes of television I’ve seen in a long time, and which every member of the Republican Party should watch. I also address the possibility that we could be looking at another huge 2020 election upset in favor of the Trump campaign.

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  1. “…he’s weak and he doesn’t really believe in anything, he’s definitely not alone in that…probably most of them…”


    The list of stand up Congressmen is short fookin’ list. Most are back stabbing POS like Cory Gardener who was one of the organizers of the Sea Island Conference held before the nomination was settled to figure out ways to derail Trump.

    Even some one like Col West who I thought would have been great on a national ticket let his freak show when he voted FOR paying out 100s of millions in the Pigford scam. read this if you want to get sick

    Represent me? That’s a good one. The R Congressmen in CO sure said the right thing but even Mike Coffman, once a solid, went over to the neverTrump side. HTF does that happen?

    In the Texas House district I lived in, I must have written my completely out of touch Congressmen, Mike Conaway, 20 times about why was he voting for years of Continuing Resolutions instead of the Constitutionally required budget. Not once did I ever get an answer. Big oil and ag kicked in the big bucks to keep the gravy train rolling.

    At least here in AR, I know Tom Cotton is the man. But the other senator is another that says the right shit when he’s campaigning and then all of that gets memory holed when he’s back in DC.

    It’s sickening

  2. I used to send the Republican party money.
    That was a LONG time ago after RINOs were born.
    YouTube has these RNC fundraising advertisements featuring Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio.
    I REST my case!

  3. I only contribute to candidates individually, and thanks to the the overcrowding of cowards that number never strains my finances.

  4. @Rick
    He gives you an out – the red highlight at the bottom while the ads are running. Once he starts advertising use your mouse and move the cursor along the timeline to advance the video until the red is gone. Then release the mouse button.


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