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The Mother Of All Real Estate Bubbles

There are 1.4 billion Chinese, yet the nation has 50 million homes sitting vacant. Because of all the government incentives to over-build, the Chinese have been putting up cheap, junky apartment blocks and empty developments that misdirect the nation’s resources towards unproductive ventures. Watch



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  1. Sounds like the “Urban Development”
    horrors the gubbmint built in the
    60’s. Cabrini Green in Chicago was one of the worst of those terrible places.

  2. We can ship all our homeless and illegals over to China and fill up those vacant houses. China could get them working in the rice fields to earn their keep. Grand idea!

  3. So, the Chinese are copying the dumb things we do now as well as the smart ones? Look at the US. Over half the new housing built is for a price range that only 10% of our population can afford… unless they fuck themselves financially.

  4. WOW! Isn’t central planning great? Good thing about communist central planners wasting money on expensive shitty housing, they used up tons of money that would have otherwise been used to buy American elections, make contributions to Clinton Crime Family..


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