The MSM Hid the Fact That the Convention Hall For Hillary’s Big Night Was Largely Empty

Where are the people? Where is the enthusiasm?

Rigging the election has pissed off, and rightly so, a huge swath of her voting bloc.

With Bernie forced out through fraud, voters are flocking to Jill Stein.

18 Comments on The MSM Hid the Fact That the Convention Hall For Hillary’s Big Night Was Largely Empty

  1. I watched Bill’s speech. Man, he’s an old 69 and his hands shake. He tells a good story about some nice lady who isn’t his wife. I hope Hillary doesn’t get mad.

    WTH is a “change maker”?

    After she appeared as our feminist overlord all I could think of was “Carousel” from Logan’s Run. Not sure why but that’s what it reminded me of.

    I don’t think I can watch anymore of the DNC. **shivers**

  2. I saw another similar video of the inside of the arena while clinton was speaking with commentary about how this all spelled disaster for the D’s because of the lack of voter enthusiasm. They won’t be able to recover by November. This event is the 440, not a marathon where the time can be made up.

  3. Something else that occurred to me is that another way in which Republicans benefit from disaffected Sanders’ voters is the latter are more likely to know exactly where to look for and expose vote fraud. Hell hath no fury…

  4. @Illustr8r — WTH is a “change maker” the ability to turn 7 & 8 figure checks from Middle East potentates into favors to the disadvantage of the US; the ability to disseminate classified information to any and all who want to listen through e-mails she tried to hide; the ability to lie with a straight (all right not so straight) face to the families of those whom she left hanging in Benghazi. Many, many more too little time and space for it all.

  5. All Democrats are excellent “change makers.” They’ll take any State of the Union and change it into a destitute shithole within two terms.

  6. You know you f*cked up as a lefty if Crazy, gun grabbing, gay-as-f*ck Cali Dems walk out on you.

    ” …disaster for the D’s because of the lack of voter enthusiasm” – AA

    That would be a losers’ spin on the situation. Or MSM’s, but I repeat myself.

  7. Let them not cover the empty seats the same they they refused to cover the MASSIVE crowds at the Trump rallies. Because come election night they’re gonna get bit in the collective ass so hard…😈

  8. I saw that scene with the singing, and then that stupid ‘glass ceiling’ thing, and then Shrillary’s jackal face in her Mao suit on the big screen…

    1984, anyone? First thing that came to my mind!

  9. “Change Maker”? Haven’t we had 7 1/2 years of “Hope and Change Maker”? And what we’re left with is hoping we have change in our pockets.

    “This is NOT the Hope and Change you’re looking for.”

  10. Bill: “Damn, Hillary – your vajayjay is as big as a convention hall! …Big as a convention hall.”

    Hillary: “Well, you didn’t have to say it twice!”

    Bill: “I didn’t.”


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