The Murder of Tommy Robinson by Muslim Inmates Would Have Dire Consequences

There are reports that English authorities have moved Tommy Robinson to a maximum security prison with a 71% muslim population, fully aware that this puts Robinson’s life in mortal jeopardy.

They would be intentionally killing him for being a journalist. This is the kind of stuff you see in countries ruled by left-wing fascists who seek to punish dissidents.

This would have dire consequences, igniting a civil war in England.

(By the way, why so “racist” England? How could such a disproportionate amount of Muslims, compared to England’s demographics, be incarcerated?)


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33 Comments on The Murder of Tommy Robinson by Muslim Inmates Would Have Dire Consequences

  1. There will be no piles of teddy bears, flowers and candles if Tommy is martyred. There will be piles of corpses and korans.

  2. This is what happens when a once free people agree to be disarmed.

    Orwell’s total police state is now complete.

    “A boot on a human face, Winston. Forever. “

  3. If Tommy is murdered there will be cheering from the Labor Party, the BBC and your average muzzytard on the streets.

    Who are the Tommy supporters going to lash out against? The police? A mosque or two? The Islamic cancer has spread too far in the UK host. If Tommy is murdered the only thing that will happen is the hastening of the whole freaking Island coming under Shariah Law.

    Within a month of Tommy’s murder the likes of Douglas Murray will be found beheaded and the police will call it a suicide and it will go investigated. (Suicide as in Douglas Murray was talking hate speech and he knew the risks)

    It is going to take and act of God to save the Queen and her descendants.

  4. When the war comes it will be the zionists using the muslims and later turning on them. The blacks in the US may, just may, be starting to wise up as to their role as just a voting block …….

  5. Is there anything left to the Magna Carta in England?

    Would someone please explain to me why they voted in the socialists at the end of the war? I still haven’t figured that one out!

    Pray for him.

  6. AbigailAdams- I don’t know. It’s almost like they actually like sitting in their own filth because that’s all they’ve ever known.

  7. @MJA — And even then it probably depends on which one, right? A duke or an earl probably don’t count. There are so many.

  8. @AA
    There are almost too few “Saxons to begin to hate” because of the watering down of English manhood due to casualties in WWI and WWII. The “flower” of the nation’s manhood died off.
    The lesser genes survived to carry on.
    I’m not saying that it would be impossible to correct but that the bodies would have to be stacked damn high IF the willpower exists in large enough numbers.
    Also, who or what would be the target?
    Same goes in this country.
    Do you have an idea in your own area who to have a discussion with should the need arise?

  9. To the European serfs: They can butthole, slash his face, cut his genitals off, stuff them up his ass, cut him in little pieces and mail them to local Mosques.
    There will be no riots, no nothing because all you people are so god damned chicken shit, it’s disgusting. All you do is talk shit and make bullshit threats and do nothing in the end while your leaders take your country and culture apart piece by piece.
    Figure it out: If there has not been a mass revolt by now, with citizens dragging politicians out of their offices and homes and hanging the politicians on the nearest lamp post, there never will be a revolt. You have no will to stand up and defend your children and most certainly no will to defend your Nation. You’ll leave the bloody mess for us to clean up and bitch the whole time while we’re doing it.

  10. Rethinking a comment I made on this the other day.

    The only chance England has of survival is rapidly coming to the point of revolution, but only one that is led and coordinated by patriots who already have platforms from which to speak. That would mean politicians. Politicians who do not fear death. That’s what it would take–real leaders, highly visible ones. Otherwise, at best you’d see random acts of rioting (countered by Muslim retaliation) that will be quashed by the police and ignored by the worldwide media, eventually amounting to nothing but an even further entrenched police state.

    Does England have any real patriots now in government?

  11. AA,

    “Would someone please explain to me why they voted in the socialists at the end of the war? I still haven’t figured that one out!”

    For the same reason they dumped Churchill after the war. England was at a crossroads and had a major decision to make: they could massively rebuild and modernize their industrial base, making them the supreme economic power of Europe…or they could embrace the nascent socialist cradle-to-grave state and everything their own fifth columnists promised it would accomplish.

    Unfortunately, the people were broken and exhausted by two continent-wide wars, the second of which terrified them via direct attacks. So they believed the comfortable lie and chose the latter, and chose very wrongly. Churchill – despite all he did for them – was a living reminder of the horror they just came out of so they were done with him.

    In short, they turned their back on EVERYTHING they’d spent two wars fighting to preserve. England died decades ago.

  12. @MJA — LOL! I know, right?!

    @grool — You make a great point: “Does England have any real patriots now in government?”

    Nigel F. and the blonde guy whose name I can never remember (the Brexit guys). Both are out of politics now — at least Farage is. Other than those two, I know of no one else who championed the conservatives like they did/do. Theresa May is a chameleon; one day Brexit, the next EU. Less than useless. It seems all we hear about is Londoners. I wonder what the people out in the countryside think of all this.

  13. The sun has set on the “british empire”!! The “royals” are a joke with mixed blood and bad manners. We should send them our violent blacks and finish em off…… We are not much better electing a corrupt muslim kenyan…

  14. If America is ever disarmed, the government that does it will have no choice but to immediately start murdering people by the tens of thousands. Too many of us still have the stuff that made us in the Revolution and would resist tyranny unto death, even while unarmed. I believe that. But that’s been bred out of most Brits and Europeans, so they’re already more than halfway back to serfdom and won’t need culled on anything near the scale we’d see here.

  15. If Tommy Robinson gets murdered, the most you’ll see is Britons gathering to sing “Imagine” and maybe stack up some teddy bears

  16. They don’t have guns but they should take a lesson from the old hands of the IRA. Those guys could show them how resistance is done against a repressive government.

  17. You can lay much of this at the feet of Queen Elizabeth, herself. She is the Defender of the Faith and Head of the Church of England. What does that mean today? An adulterous son who is an apologist for Western Civilization and regularly cavorts with the Saudis (because they’re royals too, don’t you know). An ex-daughter-in laws (now deceased) who fornicated with Muslims. A Church of England that is more concerned with recruiting transgenders than following the text of the Bible. And a capital city with a Jihadist Mayor whose main concerning is more female wikipedia writers.

    I am no fan of the IRA, but it does seem foolish that the British would fight so hard over Northern Ireland for all those years and yet let a group of Pakistanis rape over a million little girls and worry if they were going to be perceived as racist if they did anything about it.

    Just don’t read a Churchill speech out loud in public, it’s hate speech now.

    Someone needs to tell them, “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.”

  18. Grool summed it up perfectly. The exhausted, war weary, impoverished Brits of 1945 chose Labour/Socialism, which sold them Utopian fantasies and, for a time, seemed to be delivering.
    Socialist mismanagement and frantic leftist rush to throw away all hard-won colonies post 1945 utterly destroyed an already diminished middle class. Scarcities and wartime high prices for food, housing and transport persisted through the 1960s. The Brits missed the postwar prosperity completely.
    By 1960 standards of living were higher in West Germany than in London.

    Two world wars did to Britain what Napoleons wars did to France.
    A culture, a nation depends upon its best men. If those men are killed off, (citizens, voters, future fathers) the culture soon dies.

    A system that can elect a May and imprison Tommy Robinson seems finished.

    We have a miracle in PDT. Possibly God has a miracle in store for Britain.

  19. @ Callmelennie- I understand what ya mean but have you seen a good soccer fight with the Hooligans over there lately?

    I am hoping they are the ones to FIGHT back the Islamists / Weak White guilt ridded Brits.


  20. @AbigailAdams June 13, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    You and grool make excellent points. The Brits performed one of the great betrayals of history – turning out Churchill immediately following the victory he brought to them, and voting in socialism.

    It was a foul act that caught Churchill completely by surprise. He wanted to continue to do what he did so well…lead the Brits against the evils of totalitarian rule.

  21. @grool June 13, 2018 at 6:19 pm

    > but only one that is led and coordinated by patriots who already have platforms from which to speak

    Yes. That is the “horror” The Party propagandizes they fear. Do with it what you will.

  22. @AbigailAdams. The British blonde guy is Boris Johnson.

    Wow, grool and Rufus T Firefly, excellent comments.

  23. Oops. Forgot to add, Boris Johnson is Britain’s Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. I think he gets his partriotic fervor because he was born in the United States. BTW, A President Trump look a like.

  24. The end result of the Muslim invasion will come to a head within the next four years, it is inevitable.

    Tommy won’t be the tipping point, I feel as though he will just be another sacrifice on the altar of islam, not much will come of it, whether he lives or dies.


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