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The Muslim Refugee Rape Epidemic: Coming to America?

Michelle Malkin Investigates – – – Witness the disturbing trend of rape gangs ruling the streets of Germany. This is Germany’s experience with immigrants who refuse to assimilate, and it’s spreading throughout Europe, thanks to the policies of leftists who are more concerned about their image than the safety of their citizens. And Europe’s problems are coming to America.

SNIP: At the link is a long video, but a good video that features Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabriel, and Nonie Darwish.

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  1. We will cut the F*****G legs off those oily varmits, there will be no hole they can hide in.

  2. It will happen sporadically in red areas, with a few Mohammedans getting caught or killed because they’ll know not to go out in roving packs that are easy to spot. That is one thing I’m confident our citizens won’t stand for.

    But put enough of them in neutered, disarmed blue areas and it will be a rape fest that will be denied and covered up by local govt and media, as it has been all along in Europe.

  3. Lawlessness is already here. Look at the crap antifa gets away with!

    Hillary and the commie bastard. leftists have raped and pillaged America in every way imaginable and continue to do so.

    Remember the democRATS, the leftist bastards, damn Obama, Holder, Lynch, Brennan, CLAPper, Lerner, Rice, the list is too long. Too many worthless investigations robbing the taxpayers,

    I’m sorry, America, lawlessness is here, invited by the lawless elitist leftist, as is the rape culture. MS13, anyone? The Muslim rapist gangs will just join the the ILLEGALS, released felons and criminal politicians.

  4. To bad smoking is going out of vogue. I can imagine that there’ll be a glut of human scrotum tobacco pouches on the market if these mooslimes think that trash will fly here.

    Although we are an advanced culture, if crossed Americans can be some of the most vicious sons-a-bitches the world has ever faced.

  5. Only in Democrat controlled cities…….roll that nonsense out here in the country and the results wont be known in the media.

  6. No real american would stand for this. With all the people in this country maybe we’ll be soon finding out just who is who.

  7. I can barely contain my anger just reading about some of the atrocities committed by these vermin. But make that fatal mistake of touching someone in my family and screw the consequences. I’m not about to settle for the the risk of some slime going before a flaccid and sniveling judge who doesn’t believe in harsh punishment. If it means the rest of my days in prison then so be it, I can only make it a certainty that the scum will never draw another breath.

  8. I would like to think Americans would rise up against this rape culture. But consider, the annual abortion rate in the US approaches 1,000,000. That’s one million innocent lives snuffed out, mostly for simple convenience. This is very disturbing to a large number of Americans but I can’t remember the last time there was even a serious protest outside an abortion clinic much less a building burned to the ground or a murdering doctor put down.

  9. Their “young’uns” are going to end up in/are in the public skrewel system with girls and boys left at the mercy of feckless teachers and administrators to rely on for safety and discipline. I hope parents will do absolutely whatever is necessary to protect their vulnerable kids, but I suspect many will not.

  10. Brought to you via the globalists. Chastity belts with three locks and a stun gun charger pack coming soon.

  11. Moslem invaders feel it is their right to rape the women of the countries they are invading. It’s part of their tactics. They think that raping a woman automatically makes her a moslem, and if she gets pregnant, even better.

  12. “Moslem invaders …”

    Yes. Moslem invaders – not “refugees” by any stretch of the imagination.
    We are being played by the Globaloney-ist traitors in our government, the media, academia, and the think-tanks.

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. think about this….

    a lot of our best and brightest manly young men have been spent in useless wars in the middle east…

    the law will come down hard on anyone who takes matters into their own hands and stands against this insanity….

    a majority of voters supposedly voted for hillary last go round….

    the msm Is hell bent on their propaganda normalizing sexual deviancy…

    the ony thing that will save our asses is the fact that we have guns….but for how long ?

  14. Sorry folks. Muslim refugees come with big federal bucks attached to their presence, money that totally corrupts local law enforcement and government. Just look up what has been happening in Idaho Falls with refugees there attacking white girls and subsequent cover-ups by the the authorities . That is red state Idaho not California folks! Federal money corrupts! Muslim violence is already happening here!

  15. We differ in a few ways. In Europe, there are large areas of no-go zones, rape gangs are large and don’t care if they’re seen, and most of the criminals aren’t jailed.

    Here in the US, we did catch a rape gang and jailed them. We have a handful of them getting away with it though, and that shit has to stop. They shouldn’t be here and wherever they are they need to be protested. Federal pets or not. They’re every inch as bad as the illegals which commit the same crimes for the same reason. Domination of this country.

  16. @Angus Rancher June 4, 2018 at 7:45 am

    > Their “young’uns” are going to end up in/are in the public skrewel system with girls and boys left at the mercy of feckless teachers and administrators to rely on for safety and discipline. I hope parents will do absolutely whatever is necessary to protect their vulnerable kids, but I suspect many will not.

    OF course Americans, loyal citizens, won’t tolerate such threats to their children. Can you imagine if The Party suggested — which, being The Party, means demanded — rounding up the children of loyal citizens, and putting them in cages for the “amusement” of The Party’s New Citizens? Can you imagine The Party locking the doors of the indoctrination factories, holding loyal citizens’ children, to prevent their escape, when The Party’s New Citizens were released inside? Why… there’s be civil unrest. Patriots would uphold the Sacred™ oaths, causing mass executions of Party members in Good™ standing. The Party would utterly lose the Mandate of Heaven™! Or The Will of The People™. Whatever They’re calling Law for Thee, Not for We™, this week. SRSLY.

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