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The Myth of Gun Control Keeping Guns Out of the Hands of Criminals Is Busted By What’s Happening in the UK

Myth – The UK has the toughest gun laws in the world, therefore its gun violence is negligible.

The reality is gun violence is growing in the UK.



Gun crime across England and Wales has increased by 27% over the last year and in London is 42% higher.
One-in-six of the victims of gun crime in London in the first eight months of this year was aged 17 or under.
The Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick, says tackling violence is her “priority”.
Ed Thomas reports.

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14 Comments on The Myth of Gun Control Keeping Guns Out of the Hands of Criminals Is Busted By What’s Happening in the UK

  1. we should go after the gun manufacturers.

  2. I love to watch British mysteries on Netflix and Hulu, and one thing strikes me as crazy. The cops have no defense against criminals that have guns. (I think British, Canadian, Australian, etc, actors are better than our big egotists.)

    Now I know that TV does not imitate reality, but we all know that British cops don’t carry weapons, except in extraordinary circumstances.

    So my question is: How do they protect the public from criminals that are armed…with guns, knives, axes, pitchforks, whatever…what good are the police, if their only weapons are harsh language, degrees in psychology, or hard stares?

    I would much rather live here, where we are allowed to protect ourselves.

  3. LTEL:We need to get rid of guns everywhere! Then we can sue gun manufacturers so they can support our welfare state!

  4. Larry, go after them for what? Allowing law abiding individuals the ability to defend their family and property?

  5. Criminals seem to find a way around the law don’t they.


  6. With what I’ve been reading about the burgeoning number of mohammadmen in the UK police forces, maybe it’s not such a bad thing that they don’t have guns. Plus, never lose sight of the painful fact that police are first and foremost law enforcers, not protection agents, and that there are a mind-numbing lot of bad laws that they are perfectly willing to enforce. Such as the prohibition of an intended violent crime victim from using virtually anything as a self-defense weapon. In the UK, if a thug tries to rob you and you stab him with your umbrella, you’ve just assaulted him with a weapon, and that’s a big no-no.

  7. Thems who want guns will get them no matter the gun laws don’t ya know, Rham, ‘minor mayor’ (I stole that from Dianny) of Chicago (60 miles from me). I used to love going into the BIG city after I moved to the sticks, but not no more. At least the CPD have guns. But to what effect? PC, sanctuary, etc. They’ve become the UK. Good luck with that.

  8. The rise of gun violence and murder parallels the immigration of blacks from the former colonies. It has increased in the last decade as native born Muslims have joined the ranks of the unemployed and disaffected youth of the country formerly known as Great Britain. If violent crime perpetrated by black and brown criminals is subtracted from the country’s crime statistics, the U.K. actually has a violent crime rate very similar to Norway or Sweden. Many of the police in the larger cities are armed now in response to the increased use of guns by young criminals. There are many areas in the larger cities that are unsafe after dark, just like Chicago or Baltimore.

  9. The rather glaring lesson here is that guns have been illegal in the UK for over 20 years. They’ve had vast confiscation drives. And they’re still readily available. So anybody with half a brain in their head realizes all they’ve accomplished is disarming the good guys. It will be much worse here. Liberals suck.

  10. An what do the shooters there have in common with shooters, let’s say in Chicago.

  11. The BBC would either have to be racist, or there seems to be some correlation between gun victims and perpetrators and color of skin. Racist because they didn’t show any of the white users or victims of guns…or they couldn’t find any. On the basis of that short video, Britain seems to be an mainly non-white country where the only whites are to be found are in the emergency services.

  12. Welcome to the world where Democrat Hollywood creates the image that criminality is street cool.

  13. Interesting that the demographic for gun violence seems to be the same on both sides of the pond.
    Even if guns are still easy to get from leftover of 20 years ago (and that skeleton guy’s pistol didn’t seem too new – old CZ?) where is the pistol ammo coming from? It’s not like they can roll up to Brit-Mart and buy a brick.

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