The myth of ‘white privilege’


CFP: To listen to the juvenile whack-jobs ranting about ‘white privilege’ one would think that black slavery was still pretty much alive and well in America. The latest pabulum maintains that white people merely have to show up, blow their white folks’ dog whistle and wealth and power just falls into their laps.

Except that it doesn’t. My own personal experience as a white guy who came from a dirt-poor family is just one example. I won’t bore you with my various tales of working full-time while earning my college degree or with all the social opportunities today’s young take for granted that I chose to forego in order to sleep and/or study, but suffice it to say my efforts, not my whiteness, are largely to be credited.

And yes, I had siblings, both of whom like me were white males born to the same household. Yet they chose to pursue a different course in life and their circumstances are thus different from mine.

There are oodles of very successful white people whose life is largely the result of hard work dedicated to the pursuit of a goal, not the colour of their skin. (Albeit there are many individuals of all ethnicities who were born with a silver spoon)

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  1. The only cure for white privilege is to force every ivy league student (of every privileged race) and faculty to work in Appalachian mines or midwest farms. 10 years or so should suffice. They should be lining up to emulate the great Mao and the Cultural Revolution. Daily beatings and humiliation mandatory.

  2. I’ve had the “privilege” of working my ass for 50 hours a week for 40 years now.
    I take the “privilege” of not breaking laws or causing trouble.
    I am white but I am hardly “privileged”.

  3. Is that the “White Privilege” that should’ve kept my ass from sent to Vietnam along with all the other poor white, black, and brown folks? Sure wish I had known about that at the time, so I could have shown them my White Privilege Get Out Of The Draft Free card.

    In case you didn’t know, there’s only one Privilege color in this country that counts: green, and that’s the Money Privilege. Well, that and Power. But I repeat myself.

  4. My white privilege has allowed me to be passed over for promotions so women and minorities could get ahead of me, even though they were less qualified. I was always told, that if there had been two positions I would have gotten one, but in an effort to show diversity, the company was forced to promote the under-represented group first. Just curious, is that what they mean by white privilege?

  5. White privilege is having to pay taxes to support multigenerational deadbeats who live in section 8 housing, get free food, medical and dental care, phones and tens of thousands of dollars in EIC checks every year and that’s not everything. It’s not being afforded special loans and/or grants to start businesses that many use to launder drug money. You can all kiss my poor white ass!

  6. My son was selected by a professor to attend a leadership seminar sponsored by his university. The kids were divided into victim groups and the white kids became the verbal punching bags for all the other kids for a full week. My kid was told that his white privilege was just like the power that the Nazis held in 1940s Germany. My son — with a Jewish name — a Nazi? It was fucking absurd and I was so angry I damn near flew across the country to retrieve him.

    This leadership event was held at a remote retreat site in the middle of nowhere, and were it not for the white girls who truly needed my son’s protection, I would have told him to pack up his things and walk the 30 miles back to civilization.

  7. Big Fur asked for volunteers to be interviewed a few days back…if I could get Tired Son to commit to an interview about this bizarre “leadership” experience, that would really paint a picture for you as to how our colleges and universities are training students to become social justice warriors who are racist against white people.

  8. Tired Mom,
    That is Scary stuff Ma’am !
    I heard the same stuff goes on at
    supposed Jouno-list schools….
    May God Bless ALL the Christian conservative
    wo-mens in this great country.

  9. Being white, old and getting ready to retire, this white privilege sounds like a valuable commodity/asset, that for the right price I’d be willing to part with.
    Call BR-549, serious inquires only.

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