The Myth That Lockdowns Stop Pandemics

RCP: From the beginning of time, humans have used mythology to make sense of a chaotic natural world. Sir G.L. Gomme dubbed myths “the science of a pre-scientific age.” Folklore provided pre-scientific people a comforting sense of control over nature. To address dry spells, they deployed rain dances. Sunless stretches hindering crops prompted offerings to Helios. Then, our ancestors sat back and waited. The rains always came. The sun always reappeared, validating their “wisdom,” the illusion of control reinforced.

Thanks to science, we know this was pure superstition. Though the same outcomes would have occurred had the tribe taken no action, the tribe leader would still have received credit or blame from his constituents. Similarly, today’s politicians race to take credit — or place blame — for COVID-19 “results.” Do politicians really control these outcomes, or are they simply exploiting our ingrained tendencies?  read more

9 Comments on The Myth That Lockdowns Stop Pandemics

  1. How we went from lockdown “to flatten the curve” to lockdown “to save lives” is one of the most blatant lies ever accepted by most of the American people.

  2. Maybe I’m just missing it, but it seems like no one calling for masks and lockdowns is willing to cite studies to show they work when they call for them.

    FWIW, isn’t Faucci now suggesting goggles are needed to protect you from the virus as much as admitting that they masks don’t do what they are claimed to do and don’t work because they don’t?

  3. I was talking with a friend this morning at the coffee shop, as he wore his mask. He moved to US 55 years ago from Greece when he was about 20. Loves the ocean and still swims in it. I mentioned sharks, and he talked about how he has always been fearful of sharks. Well, there are about 5 deaths a year from sharks, fewer than 100 ‘attacks’ – most of which are bites on the ankle in murky water which require stitches at most. That’s in the entire world.
    This is where we are with Wuhan virus. Sure, it is a real threat. But the overreaction to it compares to peoples’ overreaction to sharks in the water. Massive and totally unnecessary response. And ultimately – as so many of the liberal rags noted way back in March but are ignoring now (even though the March articles are still available) – the expectation is that about the same numbers would become infected regardless of shutdown or no shutdown, we were just doing it to ease the burden on emergency services.

  4. LOL….
    and here we thought that the russian collusion hoax could not be outdone when it came to sheer ignorance of most people in believing the constantly lying MSM…. and along came the shamdemic and all of sudden everyone believed the lying MSM and the tripe they were screaming from their lieholes!!!

    Next up:
    Peaceful protestors are NOT anti-american rioters no matter what your lying eyes tell you goddamnit!!!!


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