The Narrative is Crumbling

Awaken With JP– The main stream media narrative is falling apart with the public losing trust. Here are 16 reasons why.

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  1. The three biggest lies:
    This’ll only hurt for a little while.
    I’ll only put the head of it in.
    The Media telling us that 81 Million people voted for Jackass Joe!

  2. All joking aside,
    LYING to people so that they will feel guilty enough to jab THEIR OWN HEALTHY children with an experimental drug of NO PROVEN BENEFIT and of unknown future harmfulness including lifelong maladies or sudden DEATH

    is as bad as anything done by Attila the Hun, the real Hitler, or any historical demon you can name.

  3. I don’t need 16 reasons why not to get the jab. There’s only 1 reason why, my body my choice. No worries, no stress, no wondering if I’m going to drop dead, no worries that a loved one will drop dead from the jab, I could go on and on and give 1,000 reasons. 16 reasons doesn’t cut it with me.

  4. Off topic but it’s a shame Rumble doesn’t support close captioning for us HOH and deaf patriots.

  5. Thats 81 million plus, every audit just finds more in this favor. You choose to believe a con man, it’s a free country, bumpkin.

  6. The Joe Rogan tongue bath is unwarrented. I greatly appreciate his forthright interviews allowing censored, world class virologists to explain their POV. Bravo.

    But then he stepped around asking globalist HR McMaster what exactly our interest in Syria was. He didn’t press him on why we should continue to support NATO or WTF Blinken is doing poking Putin over Ukraine. This guy was yet another poor Trump appointee replacing, I believe, the fucking lunatic Bolten.

    IOW there is a huge amount of information out here and relying on any one source or even 4 or 5 is not a winning strategy. I also appreciate JP, very funny but the US Narrative left my dock 30 years ago.

    I start with the assumption that everything the government is telling me is AT THE BEST, shaded but usually it’s well beyond that.

  7. Certainly if government says a thing, the correct initial assumption is they are lying for gain. Subsequent review and investigation may reveal additional information supporting or opposing that assumption and is worth doing under certain circumstances.

  8. The anti-Trump trolls are doing drive-by’s again. I always wonder how much they’re making and who’s paying them.

  9. My prediction: The governments of the world do not want to stop another pandemic. Be prepared for lots more death.


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