The NBA no longer allows people to buy “KillCops” and “F**kPolice” (uncensored) jerseys

Daily Caller: AUDIO: NBA Store Says You Can Buy A ‘KillCops’ Jersey.

The NBA store was momentarily willing to sell a “KillCops” jersey.

After finding out I couldn’t buy a “FreeHongKong” jersey from the NBA store’s website, I called and asked to get one.

The NBA wouldn’t sell me a custom Houston Rockets jersey with “FreeHongKong” on the back. The reason why is likely tied to the fact that the league is incredibly cozy with the Chinese dictatorship.

When asked if I could get “Kill Cops,” the sales attendant said stuff with spaces didn’t work. When I asked for “KillCops,” the sales attendant was more than willing to oblige. MORE

12 Comments on The NBA no longer allows people to buy “KillCops” and “F**kPolice” (uncensored) jerseys

  1. Hard to believe in this day and age. Wearing something like that in public? You’d be hard pressed forty years ago to find a household in this country in which you could don a shirt saying those things, alone, in your own bedroom.

    So here’s a question: If the Left is all about creating Utopialand, why has everything they are in charge of gotten Progressively worse?

  2. 82% of NBA players are of “color” (read black) and every one of these multimillionaires actually believe that they’ve led a massively difficult life because of their color and the racism directed against them. These brainwashed coddled numbnuts look at everyday life through a prism of imagined racism with them having to enduring racists acts everyday. For the first time I really have to wonder whether there’s any hope that the lies pushed into the minds of blacks from childhood to adulthood can be countered.

  3. Too bad Krappydick chose the wrong ball. He’d fit right in with the NBA crims.

    I think he’d make LeBafoon a great bitch.

  4. @AA: In junior high we had a kid that wore a “Hooker Headers” T shirt to school; the principal had him turn it inside out for the remainder of the day! The principal obviously wasn’t a ‘car guy.’


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