The New Left Urbanists are coming for us – beware


A new generation of urban planners has come to the fore, and what these people have in mind for the rest of us is truly frightening.

For years, urban planners have been extolling the virtues of “compact cities,” “smart growth,” bike lanes, roundabouts, and the like, and they have imposed policies at the local level to fulfill their vision.

But now they’re taking it to the next level.

The New Left Urbanists

At the vanguard of efforts to transform our cities into green Utopias are activists whom Christopher F. Rufo has labeled “the new left urbanists.” Their goal is to achieve social justice on a scale that is both local and grand by completely rebuilding the urban environment, including housing, transportation, roads, and tolls.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal (Aug. 23), Rufo points out that these activists, many of whom are urban planners on the taxpayer payroll in municipalities across the country, rally around such slogans as “ban all cars,” “raise (raze– bfh) the suburbs,” and “single-family housing is white supremacy,” even though the activists themselves are predominantly white and affluent.

…a widely circulated April 2018 plan put forth by the People’s Policy Project calls for the construction of 10 million “municipal homes.” And what are municipal homes? They are what are otherwise known as public housing projects, now rebranded to distance municipal homes from the abject failure of crime- and drug-infested housing projects.

One of their goals to replace private construction of housing with publicly financed development. Rufo points out that new left urbanists have become adept at hijacking the zoning and permitting process to serve their agenda.

In San Francisco, the city commission hired a “shadow consultant,” to assess whether shadows cast by a proposed building could cause harm to the community. This is the same San Francisco that claims it lacks the financial resources to deal with the thousands of homeless who have transformed the city’s streets and sidewalks into a serious public health hazard.

Banning the Construction of Single-Family Homes

This urban activist agenda has even made its way into state houses. Oregon’s House and Senate recently passed a bill that essentially bans the construction of single-family homes in cities of 10,000 or more. In December 2018, Minneapolis became the first U.S. city to end single-family zoning.

Heads up! All this could be headed your way.

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  1. If anyone still disbelieves the inexorable advance of Communism in this nation, they’re either in on it or too stupid to be allowed to vote. But the coming split will take care of it.

  2. never thought I’d say this, because it’s anathema to republican succession but, I sure hope Trump has come up w/ a succession plan. (seriously, he needs to concentrate on 2020, & then he can figure out the future)

    I don’t see any way out of our current dilemma, other than feudal oligarch succession of the ‘ruling class’, foreshadowing the doom of ‘we, the people’

  3. Lunatics who cannot hack it in the real world get into politics, where competence and lunacy – when coupled with corruption – are profitable. Just look at obama, clinton, cortez, omar, tlaib, de blasio, pelosi, boehner, mccain – they got high paying b.s. jobs in government selling out our country.

  4. As a deeply ensconced ruralist, having purposefully jettisoned the urban, i shall patiently await the urbanists attempts to infiltrate my area.

    Come on.

    Let’s see what you got?

  5. I guess I’m glad my zip code has only 2200 other people.

    The money would be better spent on Hospitals for the Insane. They aren’t poor, they are insane. Or they ARE poor, but certainly insane. Treat them accordingly. Place them under lock and key, and dole out the board games and stuffed animals.

    Then send all the New Left Urbanists to the Congo, on Special Assignment.

  6. They plan for a world where only one kind of people -their kind- can fit in and everyone else that doesn’t fit needs to be eliminated somehow.

    We have enough problem with people that have no place now, wait until they make even more inroads into the system and those people start growing in numbers exponentially.

  7. In a very short time (on an historical scale), people living in cities will have nothing to do and nowhere else to go. And the cities will die unless they are allowed to enslave those living outside the cities to supply them with everything. My father warned me about this over 50 years ago. He had seen the Depression-era ‘Hoovervilles’ growing up in the Northwest.

    Today, we have Obamavilles spreading all over the country. And yes, they started under Obama.

    Get out of the cities.

  8. You notice there aren’t any bums in Arden, MO? They’d have to walk 45 miles to the nearest bar. And even 14 miles to the nearest traffic light. Even going south they’d have to walk 40 miles to the nearest bar. But they don’t go south. Them Gainesville and Techumseh cats don’t cotton no bums. “Can I have some money?”

    “An urrainn dhut beagan airgid a bhith agad?”


    “Fuck thu.”

  9. I hate all those bike lanes on the regular roads, some even painted bright green–with the international? bicycle symbol? but not the dedicated bike trails that are great for families and others in getting around towns and cities. I never bike on main streets or roads as I don’t trust people in vehicles, but note I often see the leftists calmly biking with the traffic wearing their helmets, holding up vehicular traffic. Like they’re daring anyone to slip up and hit them while they’re often just joy riding like most bike riders are.

  10. We were supposed to get this with Obama, and he certainly did try.

    All those tiny homes that you see beautifully placed in an idyllic natural setting is all a trick to get us to accept the whole tinyhome concept. In reality, the tiny space allocated for us to live will be about the size of a lower class cabin on a cheap cruise ship, but without the all-you-can-eat buffet and shuffle board.

    Urban planners hate private ownership. The only way their schemes can work is to move people close to where they work. If you buy a house, even if you buy it within walking distance of work, when you change jobs, you have to commute. The planners would have you move when your job moves. Most people wouldn’t have a problem with that, but the realities of the real estate market don’t usually allow that kind of flexibility — that, and the neighborhood where you work is usually not the best place to raise a family.

  11. Speaking of dialects… this Minnesota woman was talking about a dog and its former owner. And this was in MO. In one sentence she meant, “she”, the dog, and in the next sentence she meant, “she” as the former owner. I was completely, “What the fuck is going on?” They use context in an alien manner.

    I can’t make heads or tails of how these motherfuckers talk.

  12. Our Freedoms and our Rights, as garenteed by our Constitution, are being usurped and used against us by the very devil himself.

    I know of NO law that refrains law abiding citizens from destroying the devil/Satan/Lucifer/Antichrist et al.

  13. toby miles AUGUST 24, 2019 AT 10:31 PM
    agenda 21 is agenda 30 now.

    So very true and Trump is following through with the plan, just as the previous Presidents have done. Governments being Marxed out are too far gone for it to be stopped. Revolutions have no chance any more.

    2016 – 030 The UN New World Order Agenda 2030 for the enslavement of mankind
    Posted on 9 April, 2016
    March 15, 2016
    “The UN have unveiled their masterplan for the next 14 years – saying that they wish to implement global socialism and corporate fascism as part of their “Agenda 2030” plans.

    Part of their plans, officially dubbed “Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals,” aims to reduce inequality worldwide by forcing individual governments and citizens alike to share their wealth under the guidance of a one world government.”

  14. Just convert those cinder block commie style monstrosities into mental institutions for Democrats and they might have a deal!

  15. @Anon

    “They plan for a world where only one kind of people -their kind- can fit in and everyone else that doesn’t fit needs to be eliminated somehow.”

    The liberal rhetoric over the past couple of years leads me to believe they are seriously thinking about how to permanently silence conservatives. No doubt. And the easiest way is mass incarceration or mass murder. They hate us so much they I think they will try it.

    We are standing in the way of them fulfilling their plans. They will resort to Mao and Stalin’s methods to try to deal with us.

  16. Without capitalists to fund them, the whole socialist utopia falls like a house of cards… they know it and we know it. However, their hatred of us will be uppermost in their agenda.
    I am reminded of the line in “Schindler’s List”, where one of the camp inmates says (Paraphrasing)…”we are their workforce, why would they kill their workforce?” Because the totalitarians are basically a death cult and cannot think ten steps ahead.


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