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The next “horrific display of RACISM” that the left will make their pet project

This happened at Jack-in-the-Box.

I have no idea what the gripe is. I think it’s over a coupon that was denied, or something equally as stupid.

What does the angry white-haired dude do? He gets perturbed, and he mumbles something as he peacefully leaves, something about “sending Maria back to Mexico.”

Here’s what the guy didn’t do.

He didn’t do this–

He didn’t smash a window with a chair because the Wicked Good Meal didn’t come with soda.

He didn’t pour soda on a cashier’s head

He didn’t chant an incantation and put some sort of curse or a spell on the employee


He didn’t say anything about the cashier being a dumbass that can’t get more than minimum wage, or call them a n8gg8r

He didn’t throw stuff at the cashier for not getting enough rice.

He didn’t do this as he was exiting (Warning: Cannot be unseen. This is an employee that was fired.)

He didn’t throw a fit and then toss something at the employee because he was served fries, not ice cream.

He didn’t linger around while he told the cashier to go back to where he came from

He didn’t threaten the lives of the employees

He didn’t destroy the entire establishment because his EBT was out of money

Did he call the employee a wetback bitch?

Did he destroy the store?

I could post these all night because there are thousands of them.

The point is, there are no SJWs hunting down the people in these other videos, hellbent on finding out who they are so they can destroy them.

No, they are going to go after the frustrated guy who makes a remark as he PEACEFULLY LEAVES as if he is a monster who needs eradication. Why?

Because he’s white. It’s as simple as that.

And THAT is racist.




11 Comments on The next “horrific display of RACISM” that the left will make their pet project

  1. Looking forward to the time when there are only conservatives and Libtards (Zombies) regardless of pigmentation. I don’t judge people on their tan.

  2. As a non Hispanic White male, just try getting a job at any of these places in Southren California.
    So, if the mean old White man hurt her feelings, I don’t really care.
    She, and her family really should go back to Mexico.
    He’s just speaking an inconvenient truth to the dominant la Raza.
    Good on him!
    It was a real act of courage of him saying that.

  3. Funny thing. Twice in just the last year I have been in a Florida WalMart and a CVS in DC and witnessed freak outs where an apparent Haitian or African immigrant began screaming and frothing and shrieking Voodoo death curses at some white cashier or staffer, cursing them, their children, the store, etc with various horrible deaths, graphically described, and then began smashing up whatever store property was in reach.
    Not long ago, this was unheard of in America.
    And inconceivable outside an insane asylum or homeless shelter.

    MAGA, baby. MAGA.

    Note: naturalized citizens can always have their citizenship’s revoked, followed by deportation. America does not have to tolerate emigrants who fail to assimilate or refuse to abide by American standards.

  4. It’s enough of a challenge to keep your cool while dealing with rude american teen cashiers, servers etc. I’m not about to take any lip off some little infiltrator. That goes double for hood rats!



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