The non-essentials

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  1. Bingo!

    Ronald Reagan was My favorite President but even he did not have nearly as many enemies as Donald J. Trump.

    I think he is my new Number 1!

  2. Our press can’t even formulate a respectful question. How many times has Trump let them know how poorly they are doing in that regard, and yet they continue every press conference asking questions that show that they still believe it’s their job to bring down the President. TRAITOROUS BASTARDS!!!

  3. The press is asking Trump questions right now. The confrontational approach they take is infuriating, I can’t believe Trump’s patience with these scum!

  4. Yeah… why ARE newspapers & newscasts STILL happening?!?!

    They shoulda been the FIRST NON-essential sorts to be shit-canned! 🤔

  5. Trump should bring little Jimmy Acosta up before the whole class and slap the shit out of him on live TV.

  6. More like what is Churchill THINKING in that photo…with the big cigar.

    Can someone tell those fine meme makers to add that??

    Churchill: ‘Franklin’

    FDR: ‘Yes Winnie.’

    CHurchill – ‘Hold my scotch, I got this.”


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