The Norma Desmond Drama Queen Of American Politics Soundbite Mini-Series is Not Playing Well in Peoria

DMF: Anyone who has watched Adam Schiff’s overly dramatic readings of his closing statements, as he looks directly into the television camera at the end of his House Committee to Lynch the President, I’m sure cannot help but be reminded of a badly scripted Hollywood production. The whole charade is for the purpose of cable news sound bites, grist for mill and media distribution. The left is trying to mobilize a modern day social media version of a vintage Hollywood film torch-bearing mob to throng the White House and drive Trump out of office.

But that’s not what’s happening.

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  1. I never thought that I would see a politician with eyes more dead looking than nancy pelosi- then adam schiff showed up.

  2. Forrest Gump: “Fictionalism does as Fictionalism does. Life is like a box chock-fulla-lies.”

  3. I don’t know what kinds of questions are being asked of the man on the street about what they think of this “impeachment inquiry”, but I suspect it’s not that people don’t care so much as they have been forced to see the plain truth of what the D’s have been up to. No matter what you think of POTUS Trump, even children have a strong sense of what is fair and what isn’t, and I imagine this is perhaps the first time a lot of people have become disillusioned by the gross iniquity on display by Schiff, the D’s and the media.

    I continue to hope that there will be a legal reckoning down the road for all these lying liars.

  4. The nihilistic totalitarians are attempting to upend the Republic – nothing less.
    Their Globaloney-ist trappings have been apparent since the first “witness.”
    This entire coup d’etat has been orchestrated and financed by a single entity – and it is NOT over. In a sense, it will never be over – until the filthy treasonous fifth-columnist Globaloney-ists are rooted out and flushed down the sewer of History – and that includes those in the Media and Academia as well as those entrenched in the bureaucracies and the spook agencies.
    A sacrificial goat (or two) will be offered to assuage the bruised sense of righteousness but a cleansing purge will not be coming. We’ll hear the same stock phrases: “So this never happens again” and “It’s fo da l’il chillens” and “as an example to others” and “the gov’t can police itself” but nothing of substance. The politicians will continue to steal, the Media will continue to lie about it, the Academicians will continue to justify it, and the spooks will continue to continue it.

    If it weren’t for President Trump we would already be disarmed, taxed to penury, flooded with illegal-alien invaders, and terrified by the secret police forces skulking through our lands.

    This is but a brief respite.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Loocie, I’m home…
    Lucy: ugh,,,
    So what did you do today Loocie? Did you watch the Congressional Impeachment proceedings ?
    No, Ethel called and I went downstairs and had a 3-way with the Mertzes.
    Found out why Ethel is always smiling. That Fred is hung like a horse.


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