The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire is a Gift to the French – Hear Bill Whittle Out

Fantastic rant that will most likely fall on deaf French ears.

ht/ jd hasty

In short, Whittle says we thought we lost the entire cathedral, but its bones and foundation remain. It can be rebuilt.

The cathedral is a metaphor for the entirety of France. He states the stone cold fact that France’s culture is on fire. Its roof is burning, but the foundation is still there. He states emphatically that he is not saying Islam burned the cathedral. Nonetheless, it’s a teachable event. Given the amount of desecrations across the country, it matters little if this particularly fire was an accident.

Muslims hate a Franco France. Muslims despise the west. They are there to conquer. Put the fire out.

13 Comments on The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire is a Gift to the French – Hear Bill Whittle Out

  1. He’s absolutely correct.

    And he sounds like his old self. I quit whittle when he went anti-Trump. This is first of his vids I have watched in 3 years.

  2. That is a dynamic I have been developing an argument for in my own mind. I will have to listen to this. Got me wondering if he is onto the same thought as I am working out in my mind.

  3. ^ I’m sensing a possible epiphany here.

    (I’m convinced one of those mysterious ways is Quantum Mechanics.)

  4. It’ll be interesting to follow the next elections in France. I sure hope this galvanizes the French people. If Notre Dame in flames can’t do it, nothing can.


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