The NYTs Got Woke Quickly

The NY Times has been led by the nose.


Many trends develop over decades but I’ve never seen change so rapid as the breathtaking success of what one might call social justice concerns. Beginning around 2010-2014 there appears to have been an inflection point. Here from Zach Goldberg on Twitter are various words drawn from Lexis-Nexis.

And here from David Rozado is a longer list all drawn from the NYTimes. Rizardo has a page where you can graph the trendsfor words of your own choosing.


6 Comments on The NYTs Got Woke Quickly

  1. Yea, saw this today and was shocked, then not shocked. I think the print and lefty news stations, the colleges and universities, and Hollywood are just going to go crazy with crazy on top. And there is nothing we can do about it. They are just completely nuts.

    The nuts are just nuts. We stopped institutionalizing people 50 years ago. So The crazies are running around, shitting on our streets and Constitution.

  2. Crisis is a funny graph. Don’t know what the hell happened in 2008 but apparently there were crisis aplenty.

    Also, the words impeachment, dookie, and shenanigans. Terrific graphs.


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