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The Obvious Reason WHO Skipped To Omicron


With the media dialing up the fear over the latest scary COVID variant, it hasn’t escaped the attention of many astute observers that something very strange is going on with the World Health Organization’s choice of a name for the strain that could lead to renewed lockdowns and bolster the Biden administration’s vaccine push.

No sooner had the Thanksgiving leftovers been put away and big box stores opened their doors for Black Friday sales than the hysteria over the Omicron variant erupted across a media that, in addition to running cover for far-left extremists, specializes in promoting panic and the new variant was an early Christmas gift that will generate massive ratings with the inevitable 24/7 coverage. More

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  1. I think the new variant strain should be called ‘WOLF”, as in the Boy Who Cried Wolf. The media keep trying to frighten the public with a new strain with symptoms that are milder than previous ones. They deserve to be ignored …

  2. Went to bed Wednesday, All Quite.

    Kind of like the 2020 Elections…

  3. Seems like standard communistic tactics. Nothing they have been able to do in the past 10 months has managed to take down the stock market. Let’s create a new strain on Black Friday. Gee, that worked

  4. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted on Friday: “As far as I’m concerned the original will always be the Xi variant.”

  5. ‘SARS-FauXi’ is the actual name of the virus.

    Says WHO?

    Says me!

  6. Sara Gonzales from TX sez: Just a reminder that the final variant is called Communism.

  7. Welp. I stand corrected. Xi is not chi. Still. Pay no attention to my dipxitis. It’s the Covid. I’m blaming Covid.

  8. I must be missing something, not being very familiar with Greek letters. After Delta, there are 10 letters before Omicron, and Xi is just before Omicron.

    I think the last variant was Delta, so the next one should be Epsilon, no?

  9. I don’t give a shit about Greek letters, covid variants or health mandates….IT’S ALL liberal BULLSHIT.

  10. Standby. Here comes “the Omicron variant killed this great Biden economic recovery” bullshit. Watch for it.

  11. Yaaawwwwnn. This has all been SOOO predictable – if you’re a conservative. If you’re a libtard, it’s new and shocking and scary as hell. Wake me up when we reach the end of the Greek alphabet.

    You libtards are SOOO pathetic.

  12. There’s enough ignorants swayed by useful media idiots to keep this charade going for not only the entire greek alphabet, with skipped letters, but also an entire wikipedia of transgender and gender neutral names. Strap in, it’s a long ride to 2076.

  13. China continues it’s bioweapon warfare on the population of the world. 🤬

    And no one bats an eye 🤨

  14. Will we get to the Omega Variant?
    Or will that Piss Off James Bond & the Swiss Money Laundering Banks?

  15. The propanda line is: The new variant attacks children especially. Quickly, jab you children.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.


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