The Ocasio-Cortez Science is Settled- Trump is Racist

18 Comments on The Ocasio-Cortez Science is Settled- Trump is Racist

  1. “She just needs a good stiff prick and some Rigs with crusty Italian bread”….
    h/t Al Petrino 1982ish….

  2. ‘infected by white supremacy’.
    Better that than sharia genitally mutilation,, which you sad uneducated POS, that has no understanding or care about in this country that you took an oath too.
    If Epstein can get tagged out, You Moron Idiot, can disappear as well.

  3. She is one dangerous bitch. There’s a few of them, and she is one of their leaders. You can tell she is getting more comfortable in front of her crowd. She needs to be defeated, soon.

  4. Sadly, it is an invasion. It is one that could easily be stopped by the use of e-verify, the aggressive prosecution of those who employ illegal aliens, (it should be a felony with a mandatory jail sentence, not a slap on the wrist), an end to birth right citizenship, and a welfare system that does not pay benefits to non-citizens. With these policies in place,illegal immigration would come to screeching halt overnight. We wouldn’t even need a wall.

  5. I’m white and all my life I thought I was just like everyone else. Now I’m being told that I’m supreme, privileged and even sometimes almighty. Life just keeps getting better!

  6. She has one thing in common with others in that she’s uncomfortable in a country where she is a minority, and her focus is changing that although she’ll never admit to it. You see the same views expressed by others like Jerry Rivers as an example.
    They’re uncomfortable in their status and need a demon to justify their position and attack the majority with false accusations of oppression.


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