The One Environmental Lawsuit Against The Trump Admin That Liberals Want To Ignore

Daily Caller:  

Liberal groups like the Sierra Club have led the charge in filing environmental lawsuits against the Trump administration in its first five months.

But there’s one environmental lawsuit against the Trump administration that liberals seem to have avoided almost entirely: the Immigration Reform Law Institute’s lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security, filed on behalf of several environmentalist groups, for ignoring the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

IRLI lawyers told The Daily Caller in a recent interview that DHS has never analyzed or publicized the environmental effects of the agency’s immigration actions, as they are legally required to do under NEPA.

“NEPA says every time an agency takes a discretionary action, it has to think about the environmental impact of it and they didn’t do that,” said IRLI lawyer Julie Axelrod. “There are many immigration actions and cumulatively they have an extremely large environmental impact, they change the quality of life for the American people, which is ultimately what NEPA was about.”

“The heart of their mistake is that when they passed regulations under (NEPA), which all agencies do, they never took into account that one of their main missions, which is the implementation of immigration law, is something that can be environmentally meaningful,” she added.

Liberal groups like the Sierra Club have been of no help, IRLI said.

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4 Comments on The One Environmental Lawsuit Against The Trump Admin That Liberals Want To Ignore

  1. I’d like the border patrol have the illegals captured clean up the mess they’ve made along the border, then deport them. You are such hard workers, this is a job americans shouldn’t have to do.

  2. Since the Wizards of Gore have settled the Science™ that pollution is racist, and deliberately targets both the poor and “minorities,” I’m sure the Southern Poverty Law Center will be cavalry-ing in with lawyers and truckloads of cash. Any minute, now. You just wait…

  3. this is more proof that the Environmental Industry aren’t out to help the environment. Nope, like all Leftists who say they are Out To Do Good, in reality they are only Out To Do Well For Themselves.

    Environmental Industry paid AstroTurf activists are Watermelons – Green On The Outside, Red On The Inside

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