The One Thing No One Can Ever Take Away From President Trump

Trump has finally gotten the left to agree that Russia is a bad country, with a bad leader and they are not to be trusted.

When did the left suddenly have this collective epiphany about the country who is the epicenter of collectivism?

Leftist rallies would always have (and probably still do) nyetwits with hammer and sickle flags. Union member protests would always have visual homages to the motherland which, apparently, had the correct socioeconomic structure.

Cut to this–>

I was enjoying a video about songs being transposed into minor keys when suddenly the “entertainer” launched into a cheap and idiotic political jab.

I am about done with this stupid narrative. If I was at this show I would totally Laura Loomer it.


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  1. President Trump was interviewed by Judge Jeanine Pirro tonight. The most interesting thing PDT said is that people we never expected will be exposed, in response to Judge Jeanine asking about the FISA documents.

  2. Bill Bailey, libs will laugh and be entertained by jackasses! I don’t think I’ll be seeing his show anytime soon.

  3. Wait til these poofters from across the pond need our help saving them from the goathumpers they welcomed to their country.

    Pound sand Limeys.

  4. When a country is hated and a war is desired, provoke that country into a vengeful reaction so a declaration of war can be justified by the original provoker. When a passenger plane transporting a world famous military choir and orchestra is remotely made to crash into the sea, killing all aboard, would that be a legitimate provocation on which to declare war against the perpetrator? What if the plane were American military should war have been declared? It was for Pearl Harbor’s attack. But in this plane attack, it was Russian and flying on a peaceful mission to entertain its troops. Russia knew who was responsible, who to blame–but was not willing to be provoked into a nuclear war. Hate Russia, but do not want to be nuked? Then don’t ask for a nuclear war.

  5. I don’t accept this theme. The liberals agree with nothing that doesn’t advance their own goals of collectivism. Some of the older ones still revere the old Soviet state. The younger ones no longer care because Russia is no longer a Marxist beacon to them. Their anti-Russian thing is just political manoevering related to their hate Trump syndrome.

    We could have, and should have, done business with Russia regarding the mid-east. We could have weaned it away from Iran. I don’t really think Russia wants a nuclear armed religiously fanatical state directly to its south. There is wiggle room with Russia and we should use it to our advantage. Making Russia the enemy (again) is dumb, and this time Russia doesn’t deserve it.

    As for the guy on the keyboards, who the eff is he and why does it matter what he sings about in regard to the issue with Russia?

  6. Grateful that ‘Bill Bailey’ was captioned in the video before clicking “Play” and committing to watch. This talentless twat only outdone by the likes of Chris Lemon/Leigh Francis, add in a Jimmy Carr or Russel Brand, which would result in a tri-fucktive. Yet they still get employed like Kathy Griffin, Ellen Degenerate and Karyn “Whoopi” Johnson Goldberg. Seen and loved ‘The Axis of Awesome’ until realizing “Jack Black Tenacious D” another talent-less stealing hack came to be.

  7. Another of many entertainers I’ve never heard of and happily so.

    It’s easy to understand how seemingly minor and innocuous events can trigger major warfare when a country’s political parties play the kind of reckless games as are happening now. All focus is on internal political games while using foreign countries as props. This is beyond dangerous and irresponsible.
    Whats especially galling is that we watch it happening and are powerless to do anything to stop it.

  8. I have a theory about people like this guy and I’m tired of talking/writing about stupid people. Short version:

    – There is no such thing as collectivism. People can’t think collectively, it’s impossible. All thinking is personal to the individual and personally motivated.

    – Guys like this don’t say the things they say because they believe or disbelieve what they are saying, because they don’t know what they are talking about. They are saying it because they believe it somehow enhances their image.

    – Stupid/ignorant people who talk like this are a sure sign the Left is in control of the superficial pop culture. Think of the scene in “Mean Girls” when all the girls cut holes in their T shirts because Regina George thinks it’s cool.

  9. Is Russia to forever be held in contempt for the Soviet Union? I don’t see anything “bad” about a nation pursuing it’s national interests nor about a leader who champions his nation’s national interests.

    Granted, the Russians interfere in other countries too much, but no more, and possibly less than WE do.

    I do agree they are not to be trusted, NO nation is to be fully trusted in my opinion.

    The long term biggest threat to the US and the rest of western civilization is a middle eastern mythology embracing murder, rape and piracy. And the Russian people would make great allies combating it in my opinion.


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