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The Only Rape Where the Left Says Victim-Blaming Is Okay

American Thinker:

By Raymond Ibrahim

Swedish officials are warning Ukrainian women living in refugee centers not to dress in a way that might provoke men from “other cultures” — code for Muslim migrants, who, in Sweden, are mostly of the Somali variety — who reside in the same refugee center.

And how do these hapless Ukrainian refugees dress, to prompt such a warning?  According to Gitana Bengtsson, who has been helping them, “they usually dressed like us, you and me.  There is nothing strange about it.  They did not look like prostitutes.  If those women lived in the city, no one would tell them how to dress.”  Even so, and now that summer is near, the site manager has advised them not to wear shorts or skirts that reveal their body parts.

There have, moreover, been several other reports of Muslim migrants attacking or making female Ukrainian refugees feel unsafe.  In one instance, migrants broke into the hostels of Ukrainian women living with their children.  “They said that Sweden was a safe country, but I have not seen that,” one of these women said later.  Another woman said that, in Ukraine, they at least understood and knew how to respond to threats: “[w]hen there are bombs, I know at least that I can go down to the basement and hide there” — whereas now a migrant would-be rapist might be lurking there. more

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  1. they usually dressed like us, you and me. There is nothing strange about it. They did not look like prostitutes.

    So? Vhat iss the Svedish word for “Prostitute”?

  2. The women banding together for mutual self-defense, and wielding cricket bats (I doubt if they have access to American baseball bats), would go a loooong way to discouraging these Somali Amish from attacking.

  3. After South Africa became majority rule, the Left didn’t say anything about the rapes of “white” (Boors and British) women and girls by Blacks. I think it was reparations.

  4. White vs muslim. Does the writer even know the difference? Muslim is religion. White is a race. A large portion of muslims are white such as the arabs.

  5. Isn’t it interesting that the refugees–women and children–from the Ukraine are in danger from the “refuges”–muslim men–from other countries. Ukrainian men have to stay and fight for their country. Muslim men flee Somalia and other Middle-East hell holes rather than staying to fight to improve them.

  6. When you go to a Muslim country, western “intellectuals” recommend you follow their ways. When Muslims come to a western country, western “intellectuals” recommend you follow their ways. How about seeking out these Quisling “intellectuals” and punching them square in the face. That can be our new way.


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