The only reason Meghan McCain doesn’t work at Starbucks

The only reason Meghan McCain doesn’t work at Starbucks —-> Video

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that’s true—

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  1. My Father….that’s the same tune Johnny Boy sang when he graduated 894 of 899 of the class of 1958 Naval Academy. His Father was an Admiral and so was his Grandfather.
    His silver spoon and military clout of his daddy saved his ass numerous times. Any other Naval Shitbird would have been prosecuted or drummed out of the Navy.

  2. My father, that’s true.

    Less than ten seconds on each gives me all I ever need of these women.

    God, thank you that I’m not related to any of them!

  3. I am feeling particularly stupid tonight. Who are these people? Thank god I rejected the corporate mandate to move to Florida. Lanais suck IQ out of your cranium. It seems that most shuffle along in the walmart all day, living a purposeless life.

  4. The View? FFS! Brainless twits.
    Now here’s my idea for a show. Abigail, Mary Jane A, Claudia and me in “Outnumbered”. Now that would be fun. The ladies, of course would wear below the knee skirts, and not show leg up to the taint. I, and all other “outnumbered” guys would wear shorts and MAGA hats. I’m thinking of Bad Brad, Joe Six, Pinko, Fur hat and,you know, the other deplorables here. If I ever hit the MEGA Millions, I’ll do it
    I swear. Man that would be fun.
    We could rip the shit out of commie progs on national tv.

  5. The main reason meghan mccain doesn’t work at starbucks, is because she couldn’t hack it.

    She’s a product of her father. Ugh.

  6. ‘The only reason Meghan McCain doesn’t work at Starbucks’ ?
    Kinda like the real reason heroin crack addict Woo-pi Goldberg gave up her children. For money!
    2 nepotistic-ally employed no-talented trash.

  7. I admit I have no idea what this is about and how it ties into Me-again McCain, but who the hell has the time to put together a 3 HOUR and 46 minute montage of some dimwit saying “that’s true”?
    Holy bejebus!!


  8. NO SHIT!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell
    Edit: And Geoff & F4U, you are killin’ me!

  9. That wasn’t on any kind of time line, the evolutionary jumps were enough to give you vertigo.
    Megs, you father was a class A dick, everybody knows that, even the President.


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