The Original “Toilet Baby” Episode of The Obamas

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13 Comments on The Original “Toilet Baby” Episode of The Obamas

  1. Ah, Mr Hat . . . you’ve outdone yourself.
    Award winning illustration for sure.
    My hat is off to Mr. Hat

  2. Aha! You-all in-league-ified with the Devil!
    Disrespecticious funny pages twisting History just like all you Crackas do!
    I see! I know!
    You don’t see ME in them pages ‘caus I’m Blacker than Obama!
    You publishticate comics with HIM in them instead of me ’cause he’s undercooked!
    You Crackas cant resistify bein’ racis’ even when you bein’ Racis’!
    I sweah a comic about ME would be TWICE as interesting, not to mention I got twice the Blackness that he got!
    Just ask his wife!

  3. if you need a standard for pissed off, use me

    i am directly related to alexander hamilton, not just the 10 dollar bill guy, but one of george washington’s right hand men during the revolution

    yes, alex’s propensity for hot women may mean there are many of us, and i hope so

    our heritage took us through every war since the revolt against tyranny, and it includes me, proud to be part of the last major sea battle in history, under reagan leadership, 1988 against iran, one of our biggest threats of the coming age

    we (hamilton blood) have been every war / combat since, the bloodiest of battlefields

    to see our history for defense of what our founding fathers designed given away to the pussified, motherfucking, uneducated socialists of tomorrow and to be tossed into the sewer makes me homicidal

    try being in combat only to witness to this new direction

    this coming election is our last hope

    if i am not the angriest conservative of this site, i absolutely tie for first , no question

  4. Where is Media the Lapdog? Did he finally die from Sorosis of the liver and now rests in Shill Heaven?

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