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The Other Burke

I may have to rethink my vote tomorrow after watching these ads for the Libertarian candidate for governor, Robert Burke.


disclaimer : The Nation has a “Problem” with the ads since they were created by The American Future Fund, a Conservative organization.


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  1. DOCTOR TARMAN…like…DUDE…like, what’s the diff?!?
    I MEAN…
    Free the weed!!! Homo Love!!! Like, whatevah!!!
    Pass the bong and KY…

    Since you clearly don’t (generic: ONE doesn’t) give a shit about the moral/ethical future of the USA, why bother even voting…dud…I mean…DUDE?!?!

    Useful Idiot of the Left…”freedom”…like, what’s the diff?!?


  2. If the Conservatives Fund funded this as a strategery to split the dem vote from the young ‘uns, I think they seriously screwed up. Then again, knowing the malice conservatives have for Walker (even though I think he’d willingly go along with whatever RINO junk they want), it could be that.

  3. It looks like a ploy to split some of the college student / single issue millennial voters away from Burke.

    It just shows liberals aren’t the only ones out there who are willing to screw with the oppositions base in order to try to syphon off some votes.

    Kind of insulting to the lovers of the herb, but maybe I’m too old for the message to have an effect. (cough, cough, oh yeah, its kicking in now).

  4. The Libertarian Party is a commie plot to divide conservatives and weaken the Republican Party. Come to think of it, same thing with Rinos.

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