The overkill of white people shouting “black lives matter” leaves me suspicious of what demons they are trying to overcome

This bint is about as dumb as they come. At one point, when asked if a baby’s life matters, she says, “not if they’re not wanted.”

Ummm, to follow with her idiotic logic, black lives wouldn’t matter if they’re not wanted.

ht/ c. steven tucker

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  1. “leaves me suspicious of what demons they are trying to overcome”

    I believe Rush addressed something similar when he stated, and I’m paraphrasing here, that leftists glom on to a cause because they want their life to have meaning.

    Essentially, white leftists aren’t really championing for black lives to matter but in saying so over and over it’s really their own lives they want to matter. A very selfish leftist thing to do.

  2. The same soy crap they feed men to
    make them panty wastes and soya boys
    makes women hyper feminized like this plump
    lady and many other womenz you see going
    bat $hit crazy in public on the web.

  3. Remove all the silly fools from this country and you would have no trouble finding a parking spot.

  4. She’s rehearsing her act for “America’s Got Talent”–she doing her impression of a stuck record. (I know I’m dating myself)

  5. For a second there my eyes wouldn’t focus and I thought you wrote duck record. Listening to Disco Duck would be torture all by itself. I’m just waking up and I am half awake which is why I saw duck record.

  6. A megaphone? From her car seat? Wearing a mask in her car? Not if they’re not wanted?

    Thank the teacher’s unions for this aberration.

  7. They’re just rebels without a cause that have latched on to the first cause that came along for them to latch on to.

  8. She’s been told all her life that she is special and exceptional and can do and be anything she wants.
    And her life is boring and lonely and purposeless.
    The cognitive dissonance is overwhelming.

  9. I think Jack Nicholson was describing white liberal women in “As Good As It Gets.” “I think of a man. And I take away reason and accountability.”

  10. I’m just trying to figure out why he didn’t back his horse up and let it take a massive dump on her car…such self-restraint should be commended.

  11. Taking flak is the best indicator that you are over the target.
    If yer over the target and yer not pissin ’em off, yer not trying hard enough!

  12. The bottom line is this: The human psyche needs adversity. Sounds strange, doesn’t it.
    Adversity helps the mind focus and direct efforts to confront whatever the source is and develop thoughts and actions to overcome. That’s why artificially created adversity is good for children during development – give each child a personal challenge and support them in overcoming it.
    Look around. People dealing with real adversity focus on it find ways to overcome it. People with plenty of money and no cares in life soon get bored. Without adversity people don’t have a focus, so they have to create artificial adversity to apply their energy against. Years ago, that was done through charities – apply your energy toward helping others overcome their adversity. Make their adversity yours. It helps you feel good about yourself.
    These people don’t have any personal adversity since they still live in their parent’s basements and are provided an allowance. They are the “rebels without a cause”, or what Lenin called “useful idiots”.

  13. Wonder how many mixed bastards that fat coal burner has at home. The guy on the horse on the streets of Atlanta reminds me of the first season of The Walking Dead when Rick Grimes rides into Atlanta on horseback only to swarmed by a horde of the undead.

  14. And that my friends is why it is futile trying to have a dialogue with the subhuman pieces of shit prog followers. You might as well talk to a lamp post. They have been programmed by being given a positive response when they regurgitate the progressive mantra and when that response is not forthcoming they short circuit.

    I recognized the dynamic at play by age seven when I went to grade two in the Puget Sound Region after having attended grade one in Augusta Montana. I flat out rejected the programming aspect and since it was anything goes back in the sixties and seventies I just showed up to take tests by the time I was in eighth grade.

    My mother questioned the number of absences/grades I received dichotomy and was told: What can we do, he gets high marks on the tests. It did kick my ass once I was in college though and had to learn how to study and focus on a higher level. Engineering required two years of college calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, a year of physics & college chem, statistics, dynamics just to get into the college level engineering classes.

  15. I’m thinking that all these cell phone videos…….

    and people’s desire for 15 minutes of fame is the problem.

  16. With each passing day, I understand more and more why Islamic societies are structured as they are… women tightly controlled… perverts tossed off rooftops… an AK-47 full auto in every home… and sectarian based geographic control… Welcome to our “better” future option… because life under the thumb of stupid cunts and faggots is way less bearable.

  17. Typical RACIST libtard democrap: they hafta “HELP” darkey, cos’ darkey CAN’T do it without THEIR help. 🙄


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