The Paid Hacks Who Offer “Studies” Are Now Back To Saying Eggs Are Terrible For You


Eggs are bad for you. Or good for you. Or, as a new study persuasively argues, really quite bad for you, the Telegraph reports. Northwestern University researchers reached this conclusion by analyzing data on 29,516 American adults across the ethnic and racial spectrum for up to 31 years—a more diverse and long-range look than you’ll find in most similar studies. “The take-home message is really about cholesterol, which happens to be high in eggs and specifically yolks,” says study co-author Norrina Allen in a press release. “As part of a healthy diet, people need to consume lower amounts of cholesterol.” The study shows that two people with the same diet, eggs aside, had a marked difference in heart disease.

That’s because one large egg yolk has 186 milligrams of dietary cholesterol. Those who ate 300mg of dietary cholesterol daily had a 17% bigger chance of incident cardiovascular disease and 18% higher chance of death by any cause. Those who downed three to four eggs weekly had a 6% higher chance of cardiovascular disease and 8% higher chance of death.


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  1. one day i will have a 100% chance of death. those were the chances i’ve accepted for being a live birth human and continuing to live.
    So to the Northwestern University researchers, I say, suck an egg.

  2. I might be wrong, but it’s always good to consume eggs (up to 3 or 4 per day) since they naturally contain every nutrient that’s vital for human survival at least in trace amounts. I’ve always been under the impression raw yolks are better than cooked yolks, and cooked whites are better than raw whites when it comes to what’s good and what’s better with consuming eggs. That makes over easy eggs or sunny side up the best way to eat them. So long as you don’t drown them in butter and salt. Cooked in about 1/4 pat of butter and a small shake of salt over easy is how I prefer them.

    What they are served with is the killer. I love me my hash browns and bacon and sausage and pancakes and syrup and bernaise sauce and toast and muffins and milk and cheese with eggs.

  3. @ecp – the only known vitamin that chicken eggs don’t contain is vitamin C ….. and that’s only because the baby chick makes its own vitamin C in its liver (unlike humans). The egg also contains small amounts of several of the minerals that are necessary for human survival. Eggs are as close to a “perfect food” as humans have available at this point.

    I personally think this “study” is just another load of BS from over-educated idiots that are searching for anything to justify their own salaries. And that’s based on thousands of hours of studying nutrition at the molecular level. I’m guessing that I’ve invested a lot more time and common sense studying this over 20+ years than the morons that decided they needed to publish this “study”.

    More than 50% if heart attacks are caused by calcium depostis – not cholesterol.

  4. Since they told us to stop eating eggs we eliminated the #1 dietary source (in America anyway) of a substance known as choline. We need choline for our neurotransmitters. Without choline, we get a variety of organic brain diseases with the symptom of dementia.

    The dementia epidemic (because it’s not really all Alzheimers) is because the gubmint told us to get our cholesterol down. The Law of Unintended Consequences. They thought repairing the nation’s heart health was costly. Pisht. The nation’s dementia care is ten times worse.

  5. Eggs and their cholesterol are ok…it’s the toast and hash browns and OJ or fruit plate that are bad. Keto diet baby!!! 1 year in – thank you – Bad Brad and my 53 yo body is still transforming.

    And as for Studies—F’em

  6. Not to worry, they’ll say something nice about eggs once they shake down the egg industry. This is just their version of foreplay…

  7. …I suspect they are also “known to the State of California to cause cancer”.

    Because EVERYTHING is “known to the State of California to cause cancer”, due to Proposition 65. Look at ANYTHING you buy.

    …honestly, it’s a wonder that everyone in California hasn’t died of cancer yet.

    …or it is a shame? Nah, there’s still a FEW good people out there, some of which post here, but still, if we could get some eggs into the CITIES, well…

  8. “Research for sale,
    Appetizing young research for sale,
    Research that’s still fresh and unspoiled,
    Research that’s only slightly soiled.”
    (apologies to Ella Fitzgerald, et al)

    Wonder who paid for these “researchers” matriculation?

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. I don’t pay any attention to any food studies. I’ve always followed the old diet of the basic food groups, make and eat balanced meals that are normal size portions. We’ve never been fat, our kids were never fat, nobody has had a heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure or died yet.
    At my age I lived more years than I have left, so I’m not going to start worrying about food now.

  10. Guess what?
    Follow the dietary rules – Don’t follow the dietary rules.
    Be a “vegetarian” – Don’t be a “vegetarian.”
    Be gluten intolerant – Don’t be gluten intolerant.
    Be fat – Be skinny.

    You’re gonna die anyway!

    A “scientific” study released back in the 80s indicated that people who deprived themselves and “ate right” lived (on average) 3 months longer than those who didn’t. Three fukkin months! Are you shittin me?
    Want that cookie? Eat it! You don’t have to eat ALL of em, but one ain’t gonna hurt you. Want lasagna some night? Eat it! Don’t eat lasagna EVERY night, but once in a while ain’t gonna hurt ya.
    (but NEVER eat sushi)

    Geez! It’s almost as if common sense ain’t very common!

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. “The study shows that two people with the same diet, eggs aside, had a marked difference in heart disease.”

    I’m not buying that sentence as proof of their correlation methods.

  12. Several years ago, I got blood drawn and no one said anything bad about my cholesterol. A few years later I went back and did it again and was told my cholesterol was too high. When I compared the two blood reports, I actually had LOWER cholesterol the second time around, so what gives? Well, the “doctors” lowered the acceptable cholesterol number to something smaller. And they wanted me to go on medication for it. I told ’em to piss off.

    @erb – Good job on the keto diet. I was on a hybrid version of it for almost 2 years after I was told cholesterol was too high and was in the best health of my adult life (blood work even proved it). Somewhere I fell off the rails though. I really should pick it back up.

  13. My mom’s policy was ‘an egg everyday’.

    She lived until the ripe old age of 94.

    That said what IS good for one, maybe NOT good for another.

  14. Yo, Jimmy, why not?

    ““The study shows that two people with the same diet, eggs aside, had a marked difference in heart disease.”

    I’m not buying that sentence as proof of their correlation methods.”

    “The Sun sets after I eat dinner EVERY EVENING! Therefore, my eating dinner causes the Sun to set!” ipse dixit congo ergo sum! (thus, there it be … at)

    Are the people genetically identical? How about hereditarily? Do they slough off cholesterol at the same rate? What about butter? Did they eat buttered eggs or dry eggs? Grade A Large? Brown eggs? Fresh eggs? Any margarine involved? Chicken eggs, duck eggs, crocodile eggs, snake eggs, turtle eggs, or frog eggs?

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. I studied all cholesterol related papers since the 50’s for testimony as an expert witness. They all LIE. There is no consensus on this topic. Cholesterol does nothing to your body, it is a substance produced by your body and is used by cellular mechanisms to repair damage to selected areas, like your brain. This study is impossible to read as it is a jumble of stats that my friend a nuclear physics master can not interpret. The difference in groups was only 6% which is statistically insignificant and only about 27,000 people were followed which is not enough of a pool. Heart disease is caused by a little known and understudied inflammatory response. My bet is that it is a chronic response to streptococcus that is normally occurring in your mouth. Taking the usual drugs for inflammation does nothing to this particular problem and likely makes it worse. You know the over the counter drugs that they tell you to take for pain to avoid taking narcotics (which are not habit forming), are actually killing you. Just like in the climate fraud, you can not get a paper published that would counter the discourse that cholesterol is bad.

  16. If you can stand it, hang around 2-3 professors some time. Our government should cancel all Education centered grants until the national debt is paid off. See how many researchers wind up at the drive up windows at McDonalds.

  17. I love scrambled eggs. I eat them two or three times a week. I seldom cook scrambled eggs with butter. Butter is about twenty percent water. Butter can only exceed 212 degrees Fahrenheit before it loses all of its water. The French cook them with butter. Italians and Spaniards cook them with olive oil, which is much healthier. Cooking scrambled eggs with olive oil works best if it is done on high heat. With no water, olive oil gets hotter faster in a skillet than butter. Cooking eggs in a hot skillet with a teaspoon or two of olive oil and thoroughly beaten eggs only takes about forty-five seconds, and produces fluffy, tender scrambled eggs. Add crumpets or muffins slathered in butter and jam to make up for the butter you didn’t use to cook the eggs in if you are feeling guilty about the lack of butter in your diet.


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