The Pandemic Pep Squad in the news media

Patriot Retort: The Pandemic Pep Squad in the news media could barely contain their delight when the number of confirmed cases in the United States surpassed every other country.

“Including China!!!” They unquestioningly proclaimed.

Because if there’s one country the Pandemic Pep Squad credulously believes, it is the country that set this virus loose on the world.

Other than the Democrats in Congress, have you ever seen people so excited at the prospect of more sick Americans?

Of course we have more confirmed cases.  A) we have a larger population than every other country (except China) and B) we have expanded testing whereas China stopped testing altogether.

8 Comments on The Pandemic Pep Squad in the news media

  1. Nothing sells like bad news.

    If it bleeds, it leads.


    Been true for over 100 years, still true today. But hopefully more people will get wise, get tired of it, and tune ’em out. Starve ’em out of business.

  2. POTUS tweeted out a clip of Madcow interviewing head of US Army Corps of Engineers, thanking Madcow for highlighting our military–it is a great clip as even broken clocks are correct sometimes and POTUS praises where credit is due without holding grudges, being a giant of a man and leader.

  3. American data is good, 9nternational is horse droppings,

    For theUs, the death rate is 0.0145 Nowhere near a pandemic, or even a bad flu season.Next times use real numbers instead of statistical models, morons.


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