The Parthian Chicken

The Strange Flavor of Parthian Chicken from Ancient Rome.
What foods have you tried where the odor makes you wonder what the first person to eat it was thinking?

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  1. …there’s a group of Africans that always sit together in the break room, COVID or no COVID, and eat something vile smelling and fish egg looking out of a communal bowl, scooping it out with their hands and licking it off their fingers.

    Looks like shit.
    Smells like death.

    …that’s why, since I can, I usually try to time my break when they aren’t there. Once they get the microwave going, I’m out.

    …but that’s everything African from what I’ve seen. Harsh, garish, nasty, communal, and disease ridden.

    Africa in a bowl.

  2. My father-in-law sometimes cooks Tuyo. It’s fish that he fries and the smell will make you wretch.

  3. Having worked in South Korea, Kimchi is pretty bad but the shit they ate for breakfast kept my figure slim for the entire time I was there.
    Plus the fact the the bar items were seaweed and fishheads…

  4. I’ve always wondered about cheese. Someone left a bucket full of milk somewhere and an indeterminate amount of time later someone else finds that same bucket filled with a moldy solid.

    And then they ate it.

    Wow. Clearly not one of my ancestors.

  5. My Romanian grandmother would make stuffed cabbage. I remember it as swimming in grease, bland and looking like the inside of a used toilet bowl.

    Years later, on a nostalgia kick, I thought I’d take a crack at cabbage rolls myself. Figured out how to cut the grease (no ground pork) and that if you add some heat, particularly the hot V8 juice, dollop some sour cream when on when serving and it’s a pretty decent one pot meal.

    I’d sort of like to make it kimchi hot some day, but I think I’m the only one who’d eat it.

  6. My mother in law made a tuna quiche once, it went over like a lead balloon. And Tony R, I agree with you about Baluts, that was one thing along with skewered monkey meat on sticks that Filipinos sold on street corners in Olongapo City that I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole. There isn’t enough beer in the world to make me eat an extremely rotten stinky egg, puke. They did have very good fried rice in some of the bars though, I never asked what kind of meat they used but it was good.

  7. Dr. Tar – easier to make cabbage casserole…chop everything up, add meat,sauce and rice and large layer of cheese on top. Bake.

  8. I worked with an attractive young black woman and one day I walked into her office and she was sitting there with her head in her hands, I asked what was wrong. She told me she had been out some local clubs with the girls and it seemed like all the guys that were hitting on her were these AFRICAN DUDES!
    She said I don’t have a clue WTF those people eat but I can smell them as soon as they start to walk toward me! It just oozes from their pores!

  9. @jellybean, my friend and I ate Rocky Mountain oysters once. We laughed the entire time then had some great burgers.
    They are pretty tasteless. They cut them in strips and fry them. They look like clam strips.

    Who the heck ever thought of eating the lining of cow stomachs?
    It looks nasty and when it cooks it smells like something you should be throwing in the trash.
    My friend growing up was very Italian and her father and uncle used to cook and eat tripe. I tried it. Blech!!

  10. @Loco: I visited S. Korea years ago. Kimchi is cooked on the rooftops of apartment buildings, and Seoul is so polluted that the smell permeates everything. It actually tastes pretty good though.

    My recently deceased nephew used to work with an African (Nigerian, maybe?) who brought a goat’s head for lunch. Listening to him tell about that head turning around in the microwave still makes me laugh.

  11. Hands down, worst thing I’ve ever smelled are chitlins. It was years before I found it the true name is chitterlings. Doesn’t make them smell better, but there you go.

    Nothing makes me vomit quicker than the smell of shellfish, octopus, or frying egg yolks. There isn’t enough wine in the world to cover the stank of cooking octopus.

  12. Lutefisk, had it, hated it.
    Stinky fish Jello, gag me, please.
    Chitlins, nope, they eat them all over the place round heah, cannot get past the pig pen smell.
    They sell 5 pound buckets, frozen, in the grocery store
    I will eat most organ meats, draw the line at the pyloric/stomach sphincter, nothing past that.

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