The Party of Deflection

There’s some strange boomeranging going on with the whole Russian collusion narrative now.
It’s beginning to appear as if the Democrats were the ones receiving political dirt on their opponent from the Russkies.
It seems that to keep the curious off their trail,  they’ve been busy accusing the Trump campaign of doing the exact same thing.


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  1. This is what they do in all situations. If you want to know what Democrats really are doing, Listen to what they accuse Republicans of.

  2. Sally Kohn taking a selfie with Ann Coulter. This was an epiphany weekend. That rumble you hear is a stampede of fools trying to get on the right side of history so they can act shocked at what has been happening on the left side.

  3. @JPM>The Alinsky way. Accuse others of what you’re going yourself, lie about it, keep lying, and eventually it becomes the truth. With the help of the fake news media, of course.

  4. @Brad – They look like native Americans (a/k/a Indians) to me, but I could be wrong. If they are, they just might have a gripe or two with both one or two of the presidents, and the location of the sculpture. They still suck, though.

  5. Posts on FB say their Mex. You could be right. They should be right down the road then at the Little Big Horn.

  6. Podesta Wikileaks emails showed democrat strategy:

    “Muddy the Waters” with whatever they try to attack Hillary with.

    “Muddy” = project your weaknesses onto Republicans so people either:
    A: don’t know what to believe
    B: think they are equally guilty

  7. Frank, The Sioux were/are a great people. Made up of three bands. The Nakota, Dakota, and the Lakota. The first two were designated farmers.Any young warrior that showed promise was sent to the Lakota. The fat ass holes in the picture don’t look like warriors. I’m an amateur at this research, tell me where I’m wrong.

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