The People Who Are Doing This To Our Children Should ….

I cannot finish this sentence. There are no words adequate enough to express the horribleness I wish upon the power mad shitheads, the frightened morons, the evil shitlords and the “I was just doing what I was told” Brown Shirts.

That’s 138 deaths a year.

You know what kills more kids a year?


And that was BEFORE you did THIS —->

This is a school in Oregon.

This is criminal. The people who have done this should be shot in the head and bulldozed into trenches so their rotting corpses won’t make the children sick.

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  1. The damage done to our children is incalculable, and largely irreversible.

    I’m speaking as a teacher—I see it every day.

  2. Pedophiles and women who force their young boys into dresses should be skinned alive.

    The horrifying truth is that our schools are infested with the above.

    So, skin them alive.

  3. It is the propensity of leftists to defile innocent children. Most of them have been defiled at a young age, either sexually or emotionally, by those around them who should have protected them. You can attribute much of this to the acceptance of abortion. They grow up believing their life is cheap and without value. Leftist/communists/progressives always want to deliver similar treatment on others because they think the rage and self-loathing will ease in themselves if everyone else suffers, too. On the other hand, decent people want to protect children so they don’t suffer the same fate. A famous Russian tale speaks volumes about the mindset that communism brought about. A peasant had one goat but his neighbor had three goats. A genie offered to grant the peasant any wish. The peasant wished that two of his neighbor’s goats would die. Russians were taught to believe this way by their communist overlords. Communism is pure evil.

  4. How long do you think it will take America to recover from all this self-destruction? Pray that today’s children won’t end up being a Lost Generation.

  5. I submit that a shot to the head is too easy and good for any of them. Public hanging would be better in my opinion – maybe short drop hanging at that.

  6. And in an effort to expedite the ruin some skrewl are installing litter boxes in the bathrooms for the children whom identify as fukcing cats….

  7. I always said that Common Core was a method of fouling up the next generation making it difficult, if not impossible to produce a functioning engineer, chemist or scientist.

    Then came along this crazy gender identity “crisis” with teachers suggesting that Johnny get his junk cut off. Again, what kind of productive citizen are you going to get from kids who feel guilty for what God made them?

    Now we have a new Crisis of a disease that doesn’t affect them until some “teacher” puts the fear of it into them!
    how long do we let them continue to destroy out children??

  8. The people who have done this should be shot in the head and bulldozed into trenches so their rotting corpses won’t make the children sick.

    The (current) population of “The Free West” is over 1 billion people. If the people capable of doing the work, for the people, is (the proverbial) one-in-a-million, that’s more than a thousand. If the number is a more reasonable one-in-a-thousand, that’s a million. If the number of people capable of succeeding in the work is Mensa grade rarity, that’s over 20 million people, that can “save” the people.

    So where are they? Giving the people what they demand: “Save me! Save my children! Save my ‘way of life’! By not changing my ‘way of life’.” They are the human shields of those that prey on them.

    When… if… they tire of that… what? What’s the joke?

  9. How many of today’s children will end up with mental health issues and addiction problems?
    It really ticks me off.
    Our stupid City Council has ordered masks on everyone 2yrs old and up.
    It’s evil and cruel and stupid.
    When the problems develop over the next ten yrs all the people from school boards and city councils to Lord Fauci and every govt bureaucracy involved should be sued.
    Preferably jailed.

  10. “How many of today’s children will end up with mental health issues and addiction problems?
    It really ticks me off.”

    I think it started with Gen Z and younger Millenials. I’ve noticed a couple of commercials about how to talk to someone who seems “out of it.” And another had a hotline for mental illness. If you go on youtube, read the comments on some of videos, especially music videos…depression, anxiety, feeling lost, etc. Schools have ruined many a Gen Z and now starting on this generation.

  11. Mary

    There are and have been for 70 years, many bad teachers in Cal.
    My lol sis and I have direct experience. I was sent to detention by 3 for contradicting their America is bad teaching. I had 3 “A”s turned b (IMHO). My sis was actually expelled. But 4 years later she was class Valedictorian, I came home from college to hear her speech. She only had 1 A made into a B!
    The specific thing teachers were teaching 65 years ago was Ike was a “white nationalist” as Operation Wetback demonstrated.

    The teachers were “teaching” Communist propaganda; lies!

  12. I seem to recall someone saying: ” Better for him, that a millstone was placed around his neck..”
    And..”Vengeance is mine…”
    I was going to post about the most atrocious torture I could dream up.
    Then I had a second thought,and decided that, outside of what they legally deserve to have happen to them, I will leave the ultimate punishment (life/death), up to God.
    He has the ability to cast them where they deserve to be,and that punishment will last for eternity.
    And I’m OK with that.

  13. We would’ve looked real stupid back in 1960 when my first grade pictures were taken if we’d been forced to wear masks. But then we were immersed in the equally stupid duck and cover drills and propaganda that in case of being nuked you could save your sorry ass by ducking under your desk. It was bs then and even more pervasive evil bs now, just the scare tactics have changed. We’d all be rich if we would quit listening to the Sky is falling and all the Chicken Littles (as well as chickenshits) who have tried to keep us in a constant state of fear about everything, i.e. globull warming, nuclear Winter, overpopulation, famine, starvation etc. etc. Give it up progtards I didn’t believe your bs than when I was 6 and 7 years old and I don’t believe it now.

  14. #Zonga
    The Amish know about Covid.
    They also have known about Ivermectin as they’ve been using it for decades.

  15. Lol. Ex jarhead, my daughter had a student teacher in history class around ’04. She stood up in class, said, “I’ve had it with your liberal bullsh**” and walked out.

  16. Yup, just like in the John Adams miniseries on HBO where the American colonists led by Sam Adams tarred and feathered one of the pro English supporters buck naked put him on a rail and ran him out of town. At least they could bring back stocks and put these offenders head first into them and throw all sorts of nasty shit at them in the public square to totally humiliate them and then ostracize them from any business with the American people.

  17. They do this in spite of the citizenry being armed; look to AUS. to see what they do when the citizenry is not.
    They just don’t believe we will use ours.
    They’ve got a surprise coming.

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