The people who want to control you

American Thinker:

Liberal Democrats desire only one mechanism for all mankind: liberal control over all mankind.

The joke is that liberals are not yet mature enough to control themselves.

So what do liberals in control look like?  Here are a few examples from the week just ended.

Liberals in control looks like Serena Williams pitching a fit when suddenly realizing she is going to lose the U.S. Open title to Naomi Osaka.  Williams asserts that she is fighting for her daughter, for women, for black people, for equal treatment from tennis officials, for her honor, and all the little fishies in the sea.

And you thought she was just playing tennis!  Oh, no, she’s way bigger than that.

On video, Serena alternates among rage, insults, and tearful protestation.  What political party does that remind you of?  Her display of bad manners and poor sportsmanship was received warmly by liberal columnists, who would agree that although scoring much lower on the SAT than Osaka, Serena should be accepted to Harvard at the exclusion of Osaka.  Liberals always have a narrative that must be strictly followed.

Liberals in control looks like exhibitionists hanging and screaming from the rafters at Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s judicial hearing.  The animals were escorted out two by two, but they should have been herded out 20 by 20.  This is how liberals behave when discussing civic matters of importance to the whole nation.  more here

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  1. Or menstruating in their pants because they’re not using hygiene products, or a professor taking a gun into a school and shooting himself in the bathroom (the same type of guy/liberal hypocrite that advocates for disarming all US citizens so we can’t protect ourselves from criminals with guns).

    Yeah – these are the kind of people we want dictating policy for the rest of us – NOT!!!

  2. Not one single newspaper in the whole country would dare have published that cartoon.
    Not on initial go-around.
    They will publish it now, as part of the news on the controversial cartoon from Australia, but there will be an accompanying article slamming the cartoon, the cartoonist and the paper. There will be liberal commentary, no doubt.

  3. She’s extremely fortunate to live here and only face occasional harsh press. Were she living in her ancestral land she’d be facing the constant threat of poachers.

  4. You cannot expect the perpetually offended and humorless Left to grasp the concept of caricature art. Editorial cartoons will go the way of stand up comedy.

  5. If the Left wants to commit mental suicide over a portrait of Harambee in a Tutu, I see no reason to stand in their way.


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