The People’s Cube turns 15

ThePeople’sCube: The People’s Cube is 15 years old. Celebrate responsibly.

Cough-cough, comrades!

As all progressive humanity celebrates the Glorious 15th Anniversary of The People’s Cube, we officially advise you to conduct spontaneous celebratory marches within at least six feet from one another in square formations. The Great Pandemic of International Coronavirus dictates that workers of the world must unite cautiously and without touching. Once having been united, don’t forget to sanitize your equipment, marching signs, and/or shovels. Beet vodka-based hand sanitizer will be provided behind Tractor Barn #2.

We can neither confirm nor deny that the ongoing global lockdown and universal self-isolation is the result of a conspiracy to usher the unwashed masses into the Glorious Progressive World of Next Tuesday. We can confirm, however, that the conspirators, who may or may not exist, have badly miscalculated and may have to face a very different outcome.

The unwashed masses will come out of this quarantine thoroughly washed, smelling of hand sanitizer, and with the realization that governments cannot be relied upon to protect and provide in a time of need, and that to be self-reliant is a better and safer way to go. With each passing moment, millions of idle minds around the world are getting infected with these and similar thoughtcrimes, which is worse than the very virus that had caused them to stay indoors and have idle thoughts.

By the time the pandemic is over, everyone will be convinced that…

19 Comments on The People’s Cube turns 15

  1. I celebrate by looking over the ridge through my binoculars.
    “Cube you magnificent bastard, I’ve been to your site!”

  2. Happy Anniversary Oleg … you led me to this site, for which my sanity is forever grateful

    ‘Shovel ready, reporting for duty, Comrade!’

  3. We have to give a ton of credit to Oleg Atbashian for his work, his character, his artistry, his intellect and his genersosity.

    He is a great man.

  4. Congratulations to Oleg at The Cube and especially People’s Karaoke! 🙂 Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.

  5. The peons-cube can kiss my ass.

    They perma-banned me for posting a picture of the mooche in her green dress that shows off her man-package in clear detail…. a picture that is STILL all over the interwebs!!!

    They are nothing more than controlled opposition and I let everyone know it.

  6. Please keep Ramon Mercader out of the office of the chairman of the People’s Cube. We don’t need another editor during these difficult times.

  7. When BHO’s leader was President I went there frequently. they seemed to be in coma when Gib’s acolyte was President. then they came back to life with Don.

    I actually thought they had died 4 years ago. glad I was wrong!

    there are at least 3 monikers here that I used to see there when Bush’s boy Barry was president on cube.


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