The perpetuation of child abuse and mistreatment of the mentally ill

WJ: Trans Couple Involves Newborn Baby in Their Sick Delusions, Forces It to Do the Unthinkable with Biological Male ‘Mom’.

If you force an infant to breastfeed from a man because that man identifies as the “mother,” is that a delusion?

The left is saying it isn’t. In fact, such an arrangement was celebrated on a recent episode of “Nine Months with Courtney Cox,” where the erstwhile “Friends” star follows different couples through pregnancy and birth for Facebook Watch.

The couples profiled included Petrona and Ahanu, a man and woman who “identify” as a woman and a man, respectively. While Ahanu gave birth to a child, she maintains she’s the father. Meanwhile, the “mother,” Petrona, received breast implants and is taking medication in order to lactate, according to Breitbart.

In a clip from a recent episode from June, Petrona tries to breastfeed the baby — who latches but, unsurprisingly, is unable to obtain nourishment.

“The baby has been able to latch, but I’ve not been able to produce any milk,” Petrona said in the clip. more here

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  1. I said it many times before, but until the medical community believes it is therapeutic to give a man who thinks he is Jesus 12 friends to follow him or to provide a horse and tricorn hat to a man who believes he is napoleon then this is BS to the 10th degree.

  2. …Dear sweet Lord Jesus, NOW would be a good time…if you’re not quite ready though, if you could send a SMOD or a thousand down Somdom a d Gommorah style, that would be helpful too…

  3. Meanwhile Child Services will get into your life if you refuse to vaccinate your kid 72 times before they are 12 or home school them with a patriotic education.

  4. Stop2think
    JULY 26, 2021 AT 2:06 PM
    “I said it many times before, but until the medical community…”

    …I dont see why they aren’t at this point. All “the medical community” does with crazy now is validate it, facilitate it, even promote it, while they cower in fear behind masks and eye shields from overhyped political viruses.

    “If you get your sanity by stud, the child looks a lot like the father. And those guys have a high suicide rate”
    -Stephen King, “Rage”

  5. the dirtball
    JULY 26, 2021 AT 2:24 PM
    “Well, that’s the most fu@ked up thing I’ve heard so far today”

    …its early and Democrats sleep in a lot, so don’t be surprised if it gets topped by this evening…

  6. The Weimar Republic had this kind of lunacy going on. We knownhow that ended.

    This insanity will break up our nation.

  7. They are all faggots to me. And the kid needs to be placed with normal people before those faggots kill him.

  8. I remember way back not too long ago it all started with…”We just want to be able to marry the one we love…even if they are the same sex!” And now it has metastasized into an ugly cancer that needs to be eradicated, that is if it’s not already too late!

  9. The perpetuation of child abuse and mistreatment of the mentally ill…

    I thought this was an article about facebook, youtube or twitter…
    Those are the 2 things social media do best besides pedophilia.

  10. We used to place the mentally unstable in institutions, for their own safety and well-being, as well as for the stability of the community.
    Yes! at times they were abused. Then, to eliminate the abuse, they were freed to walk the streets and asked to become a part of the community.
    Perhaps it’s time to revisit the thought behind this decision in view of the evidence.

  11. I don’t care who says this is normal and should be celebrated. It’s not and shouldn’t.
    This is mental and spiritual rot.
    Figures, a celeb who never had children takes part in the delusion.
    I feel bad for the kid.

  12. All part of the plan, all the way back to the Stonewall riots and the polite begging just to be left alone in their own bedrooms. And be sure: this is not the last item on their to do list.

  13. …and the show/network exploits the mental illne$$.

    You would have hoped that the “parents” could have put the Crazy away for one fucking year, but NO! Uglier on the Inside.


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