The Pink Hat Children’s Book

When you’re a lefty, you have a much greater chance of getting work accepted and published if you simply mouth the latest lefty idiocy.

This guy gets a children’s book published simply because he’s seized upon the Pink Hat.

But illustr8r tells me all is not quiet of the leftist front.

Feminsts are complaining because-

A: It was created by a man.

B: It’s not a pussyhat!


Children’s book ‘The Pink Hat’ honors the Women’s March for a new generation of activists!


14 Comments on The Pink Hat Children’s Book

  1. In general it seems the more comfortable life is the farther into extremes people go to find fault with conditions.
    This is what happens when the dim witted seek for a purpose in their miserable lives.

  2. The more common sense you lack and the more you are blinded by an illegitimate leftist ideology obviously makes you more publishable.

  3. This pussy is a real wussy. Good grief, how low can you go? And what’s next on their the democraps and libtards death wish spiral down into the abyss and lowest common denominator? I probably really don’t want to know. Thank God that he’s still in charge because otherwise I would go insane.

  4. Was gonna have my Mom knit me a penis hat to counter protest but upon further thought, didn’t want to be seen as a dickhead.

  5. @Reboot – you know he is! Actually an Aussie middle-aged dude.

    Celebrate the 2017 and 2018 Women’s Marches with this charming and empowering picture book about a pink hat and the budding feminist who finds it.

    “This simple and cheerful tale suggests, with not an ounce of preachiness, values of care and comfort and the support women have for each other across generations.” –The Washington Post

  6. “Somebody” ought to put together a few photoshop-applicable images of the perfect left-collectivist shit-head hat: in brown wool cap knitted in the shape of a coiled turd, plus built-in ear plugs, left-pointing blinkers, and a megaphone.

  7. A CHILDREN’S book inspired by deranged and violent leftists obsessed with vagina props while trying to overturn an election and install, dictator-style, their hero, a woman who terrorized her husband’s rape victims.
    Liberalism really is a mental disease. This is IndoctroPedophelia. (Yes, I just coined that. Spread it around.)

  8. An attempt to make leftist vulgarity plausible for deplorables and milquetoast liberals. BTW, For a leftist, it’s always about corrupting the children.

  9. I first thought this was another brilliant BFH parody.
    Sadly there’s no need to make this stuff up.

    If the Left succeeds in destroying Western Civilization, then the Muslims will put an end to the feminist experiment once and for all.
    No one will be more astonished than the Pussy Hats.

  10. @Rufus T. Firefly January 24, 2018 at 2:03 pm

    > If the Left succeeds in destroying Western Civilization, then the Muslims will put an end to the feminist experiment once and for all.

    Not J.V. But, as long as the second string finishes the game, after the first string took a knee (a principled stand?), I’m willing to mark it a win.


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