The plot to impeach Trump already is falling apart

American Thinker-

“Why are Leftists so unreachable by reason? You can point out holes in their arguments but they are unmoved.  And some of their claims are entirely out of touch with reality.” 

Australian John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D) of Dissecting Leftism asks and then answers the question. He suggests that “sometimes people need false beliefs to make them happy with themselves and with life.  Not everyone can face reality head-on.”  

Later on in his introduction to another piece he posted, he cites Freud in calling what leftists do “displacement,” meaning that, in their minds, their anger is always caused by something outside of themselves, like injustice for example.  Leftists do not want to solve problems though, they want to “luxuriate” in them; they need problems to explain their anger.  

And finally, he notes that such false beliefs tend to be deeply entrenched.   “The Leftist needs his angry beliefs.  He cannot afford to let go of them because compared to his needs, logic/reason is a weak force.”  

All of the above brings to mind the obsessive Adam Schiff, the lunatic in my opinion who for three years claimed to have evidence that proved Trump had colluded with the Russians to win the election.  That was a big lie.  He’s been lying ever since.  And now, three years later, even after Trump released the transcript of his phone conversation with the President of Ukraine, Schiff read into the record an entirely fabricated version of said conversation.  Who does that?  Schiff clearly had written his fake version earlier, never expecting Trump to release the transcript but was so impressed with his own scriptwriting, he could not let go of his opportunity to perform his lie to all those assembled in that room and to the American people.  It was a pathetic spectacle.  

Did Schiff learn anything from this embarrassing presentation?  Not a thing.  With each passing failure of the Left’s effort to drive Trump from office, he and his cohorts in the House have doubled down on stupid. The Dems are illogical and unreasonable.  

They operate on “rampant emotionalism.”  The author of that phrase, Ray Kraft writing in 2006, thinks this may be because Logic, as a subject, is no longer taught in schools. read more

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    Can’t wait ’til that little retard, is scooping poop off the streets of San Fransissyco for a living. >:-(

  2. The Leftist needs his angry beliefs. He cannot afford to let go of them because compared to his needs, logic/reason is a weak force.

    And, that, is why Conservatives™ deserve to rule. Because Conservatives™ are full of Ideas™. Ideas™ that they will show the Leftists. (If, only, you contribute. This something, something, more time.)

    Ideas™, so frilliant, that Leftists, incapable of thought, will worship. As hard as Conservatives™ do. And we’ll all compromise. So we can all, just get along. In fact, the Leftists will be so grateful, they’ll hire the Conservatives™ to rule them. To rule everyone! Because the Conservatives™ are so smaht.

  3. From that mess above: “And, that, is why Conservatives™ deserve to rule.”

    Not sure what country you think this is. “Ruling” is anathema to the founding idea of this nation. Not conservatives, not leftists.

    Our government is SUPPOSED to be accountable. The problems we are experiencing today are a direct result of the people failing to supervise their representatives.

  4. “The plot to impeach Trump already is falling apart”

    Might want to examine that sentence structure. Reads like me when I’m posting drunk.

  5. Geoff – i trace the American Left and their insanity back to
    *William Jennings Bryan in 1896(?) – that’s where the so-called Progressives got their start.
    *Then we got Ted Roosevelt creating the Federal Civil Service which started a permanent class of unelected unaccountable corrupt bureaucrats
    *Then we got a fascist racist dictator in the form of Woodrow Wilson and he started the unconstitutional income tax
    *Then we got the socialist Stalin-lover Frank Roosevelt who prolonged the Great Depression by 14 years + encouraged American communism and spying + a “New Deal” that has wrecked America + rammed thru the anti-2A unconstitutional NFA Natl Firearms Act
    *Then we got the womanizing, drug-addled, indecisive fucktard John Kennedy who almost got us killed with the Cubic Missile Crisis
    *Then we got a corrupt racist War Criminal name of Lyndon Johnson
    *Then we got a socialist asshole moslem-licking fucktard name of James Earl Carter
    *Then we got a corrupt, coke-snorting drugdealing socialist rapist Bill Clinton and his bicentennial foul-mouthed jewhating asshole wife, who together with alGore, traitorously sold our missile technology to the Chinks
    *and don’t get me started on the Gay, Kenyan, Mohammedan Communist who usurped our nation’s presidency


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