The Polar Vortex Is Proving Exactly Why Green Energy Is a Disaster for America’s Power Grid – IOTW Report

The Polar Vortex Is Proving Exactly Why Green Energy Is a Disaster for America’s Power Grid



In Texas, freezing temperatures and winter precipitation have caused some of the state’s wind turbines to seize up, costing 12,000 megawatts in power on an already taxed state grid, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

In addition, The Dallas Morning News reported that 2 million Texans did not have power Monday due to the stress on the state’s power supply and the necessary implementation of rolling blackouts. read more

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  1. We need to generate more carbon to warm things up.

    Nuclear Power is the best GREEN Energy we have. It’s clean, it’s efficient and it’s reliable.

  2. I’ve got power. I don’t have heat. My blower motor went on my furnace. New motor was supposed to arrive in 3 to 4 business days. That was 10 days ago. The explanation when asked about delay was because of Covid and manufacturing being shut down earlier in the year parts acquisition is difficult. It’s 19° today with a wind out of the North making it feel like minus 6°. Keeping it livable with space heaters and lots of baking. I’m gonna end up broke and fat. Thank goodness we don’t rely on solar and wind here.

  3. Polar vortex my butt. These are global Meridional Jet
    Stream flows caused by a strong (prehaps a “Grand”) Solar
    Minimum. If it is a big one; look up the Dalton Minimum to see what’s coming at us. 30 or so years of very cold, very wet weather with lots of volcanic activity to put ash into the upper atmosphere to make it even colder.
    (And that ass Bill Gates wants to make it worse)

  4. This is a preview of the world to come.

    Look at it closely, analyze it as well as you can, and go to work to mitigate the worst of it for your particular situation and probable position in it.

  5. Think of all of that Jet Fuel they’ll be burning to de-ice those clean energy machines. The science is settled donchaknow.

  6. Way off subject unless you stretch to thinking of the National Guardsmen/women out in this cold, far from home, guarding WHAT? THE SEAT OF CORRUPTION! Oops, that was the rabid old lady in me, screaming out!

    Back to my off subject question: if this is National Guard being treaded worse than a pimp’s (NANCY) bitches, which states are they from? And WHERE THE HELL ARE THE BALLLESS GOVERNORS NOT RECALLING THEM!!

    Sorry, she got out, again.

  7. Show of hands:
    Who would trust a national roll out of new nuclear power to the Buyden/Dingdong Administration ??

  8. Stories like this make me want to get into my dad’s 1970 Pontiac Grand Prix and drive around all day without my seatbelt on!

  9. Something to consider here.

    Biden’s been in office less than a month and has already not only stopped the increase in global warming but actually completely reversed it.

    There’s a bright side to look at in everything, isn’t there? You just have to look for it.

  10. -19 down by the river. In a house, not a van.
    Electric co-op emailed a warning yesterday saying conserve to avoid grid overload and interruption of service.

  11. In Oklahoma we’ve discovered we’re on a 17 state power grid, I’d like to know who the hell thought that was a good idea? At least half of our power still comes from coal powered plants, but we have to send it to other states. I remember in the Obama years and all these power plants got all these billions of dollars to switch their plants from coal to natural gas. Now they don’t have enough natural gas they claim. So their claim is not enough natural gas and the windmills being frozen is why they must have rolling blackouts. Why it doesn’t happen in 110 degree temps with all the air conditioners running they say is because people aren’t also using natural gas and the windmills aren’t frozen.

    So billions of our taxpayer money wasted to convert power plants to natural gas and build windfarms and the result is when the coldest temps in my lifetime come through we have no power. The official temperature for my neck of the woods is -13, according to my thermometer outside it’s -20.

  12. Jason
    FEBRUARY 16, 2021 AT 8:44 AM
    “Stories like this make me want to get into my dad’s 1970 Pontiac Grand Prix and drive around all day without my seatbelt on!”

    …it had seatbelts?

    …My folks got a ’71 All-Metal interior Dodge Dart new. The seat belts were optional equipment (they had young children so they opted to get them”, and there was no such thing as shoulder belts. Because the dash was 90% steel except for a thin foam scum dressed in even thinner Nagahyde on the brow of the dashboard, the metal steering wheel that did not have a collapsible column, and the solid construction that would make it hit anything like a brick and transmit all of the accident impact forces to the unairbagged folks inside, if it DID get in an accident, you’d simply hose the blood off the interior and sell it to the NEXT guy.

    …yet somehow we all survived. Mostly because my folks knew how to drive, even without a car that would pump the brakes for them.

    …and that car was a lot of fun when I got it too, even with a Slant 6 engine in it. My mother is still alive, though, so I can’t talk too much about THAT.

    Enjoy your 6000 pound Gran Prix, probably with a 350 or 400 in it.

    They literally don’t make them like that any more. Those are the conveyances of free men.

    Which we are not any more.

    …here’s some cruising music for it from that era, that contains a prophecy for how the government will treat it in future, if we don’t take it back…

    …sorry about the ad, but the song is worth it…

  13. Currently 10 degrees here where I live. Instead of snow, we got frozen rain, 2-3 inches, with a light topping of snow. Too cold for salt brine to be effective. Work cancelled yesterday, optional today – I won’t go in. More ice/snow expected tomorrow – it’s a mess.

    Fortunately I have power, heat, bread, eggs and alcohol (no milk), and a lot of frozen meat in the freezer.

    Oh, and to the point of this thread. F*CK AOC and her destructive green new deal. And F*CK every pin-headed enviro-wacko, and self-serving poli-oligarch trying to get rich on a fake technology.

  14. I moved South in an effort to stay warm….. fail! I must assume though that the local electric co-op does NOT rely on solar as the sun just minutes ago popped out for the first time since last Tuesday…. of course a windmill might have been shreaded over the last number of days.

  15. Godin coal stove in the living room, gas fireplace in dinning room and combination oil, coal wood furnace in cellar. the only one that requires electric is the furnace. Be prepared in upstate NY.

  16. I’m sorry for all my friends and family farther north, but we’re enjoying 70° F temps here in Sarasota County. Yesterday we were running the AC (but probably won’t need to today). Low tonight should be in the mid-50s, high tomorrow upper 70s.

    Yesterday I had NPR on in the car and they had some envirovermin on saying that the polar vortex and shifting jet stream were absolutely positively caused by unnatural warming over the north pole. I switched to the CD player and listened to Blind Faith’s Can’t Find My Way Home.

  17. We have a wood stove, so we won’t freeze. It still doesn’t make this not totally ignorant and bullshit though. We live in the sticks, so we’re always prepared for power outages during storms and idiots running into electric poles and substations.
    When people you have no idea who are though have the power to flip a switch and turn off electric to entire towns or communities that is bullshit. When you’re being powered by a coal power plant that is partly funded by your state government aka taxpayer dollars and you have to pay another electric company aka COOP for that electric that they purchase from a partially taxpayer funded power plant and then have that company and the partially taxpayer funded power plant tell you they have no control or knowledge of when and where they will shut off power, that is triple bullshit. Oh and then to find out that partially taxpayer funded power plant is sending power to other states and have given control to some group of people makes my blood boil.

    Oh and that partially taxpayer funded power plant that is more than just a power plant, they control our lakes and rivers and have been given the same authority as highway patrol sells power to the Google plant for pennies and tell us that’s a good thing because Google has a windfarm that they will give us their excess power and now their fans are frozen is more bullshit. I asked my state rep and senator when I found out about that if Google can provide enough power to give it to us then why do they need our power all I was told was they were looking into the deal made.

    That’s all they will ever do look into it the same as they will look into the Turnpike Authority where the turnpikes should have been paid for 3 times over by now.
    Government at all levels suck and it doesn’t matter who is leading them.

  18. Oh and they haven’t shut down the Google plant to conserve energy and they use more power than the entire town does.

  19. Oh, joy, didn’t Biden just hand the power grid over to the Chinese? I just can’t imagine them misusing all of that control!

  20. With the possibility of the Rio Grande freezing over, how will those aliens cross the border? I bet none of ’em know how to skate.

  21. @Mm

    What Bidet did was atrocious. Nobody in his right mind would do that. But he did it – that son-of-a-bitch has handed over our freedom to a vicious gang of fascists. I bet even his own mother despises him…and wherever she is she probably knows what he has done.

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