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The Police Chief of Tampa is Not the Chief Anymore – Here’s Why

She shouldn’t have done what she did, but, I can’t help but think of all the people that not only skate through life, as a criminal, using their connections to never answer to crimes, but are praised and rewarded. *cough*. Hillary * cough*

The chief “stepped down” after an internal investigation.

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  1. “She shouldn’t have done what she did”
    Where have we heard that….
    If I would have known I was going to caught, I wouldn’t have done it…..

  2. MM: I wonder if he felt that he would have lost if he pursued the issue there. The fact that an investigation was done and the chief was fired makes me think that discretion was the batter part of valor and the deputy took a more effective approach.

  3. As long as the investigation was conducted for her complicity and not because there was a persona/political axe to grind with her and to secure her ouster. Interesting she asked if his body cam was on, but I don’t think I heard her wait for his answer.

    Friends, this is why we don’t trust any form of gov’t right now. It’s often said the fish rots from the head. Depending on how long she was chief, it’s certain she’s not the only one in the force there who is “taking care of their own and living off the backs of taxpayers.

    Pukey gov’t privilege.

  4. @Abigail, I’ve adopted the policy of trusting no one when it comes to health or any form of govt. Not one of them are ethidal. Bad way to be, but so is the alternative.

  5. She shoulda kept her mouth shut and simply handed over her ID, but nooooooo… her arrogance took over and there you have it!!

  6. No Win situation for Both. Ticketing your boss is pure But Hurt.

    HOWEVER, if Cletus had a Brain he would have erased the tape.

    “Control, I can’t find anyone out here. Any other calls that need backup? Over.”

  7. I lived in Hillsborough County and worked in Tampa for 15 years. Sadly, this kind of crap is the norm there. Always some ‘official’ either caught red-handed, fired, resigned, under indictment, whatever.


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