The Postman Always Pets Twice

A guy discovered on his CCTV that the mailman takes the time to pet his awaiting dogs every day.


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  1. Years ago when we had “meter readers” my Lab/Chow mix would go banana’s (and every other dog in the neighborhood) when the man had to come in the back yard to read it. So one day a few of us cornered the guy and he agreed to meet every dog with us owners on the block for 5 minutes a piece… With treats of course.

    Needless to say life got better for everyone. 😉


  2. A great way to add flavor to a rather mundane job.
    My Dad was a mailman. There were certain pets that would greet him like this, but others were just plain nasty.

  3. If you’ve ever owned a Lab you’ll know that the reaction from them that this mailman got is one of the best feelings you can imagine.

  4. Wow! Thanks BFH for this story and the one about the woman at McDonald’s, my stomach has unknotted a little! You have to love those dogs and a man who is willing to give them the only thing they want, a little love!

  5. Years ago we had a mailman that would be greeted by our neighbor’s dog’s barks growls and bared teeth. She never would bite him but it looked bad. Then when off duty in civilian clothes he’d stop by and we’d all get together for a beer and the same dog would treat him like family, even jump in his car to go for a ride. I think she just hated those blue/gray shorts!

  6. My Barney, a sweet rescue doggy would run to the end of the driveway and jump in the mail truck every chance he got. Barney would ride in or on anything with wheels and the mail truck was no exception. Our mailman drove him around our street when he had time and everyone loved it.

  7. years ago, we had to send our german shepherd into exile on my uncle’s farm, because the mailman complained he was afraid of him barking through the door……lucky we had an uncle with a farm, or we would have had to pound him…

    this guy is not THAT MAILMAN……. 🙂

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