The Potemkin Presidency: What Obama And Hillary Are Preparing For America

DailyCaller: President Obama’s open castigation of Donald Trump, at a White House press conference with a foreign leader present, is an extraordinary departure from American custom.

It comes at a time when Democratic Party leaders have swallowed whole the idea that Trump is an aspiring dictator.

When the producers of The Simpsons depict a Donald Trump figure sitting in bed with a volume of Hitler, one can fairly say, with Senator Harry Reid, that the word is out.

But who is the aspiring dictator? Why did Obama denounce Trump from the White House podium?

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  1. Here’s a link-

    There’s no doubt there is a lot of truth in this article-it’s exactly why Obama has bought a home in DC. If it’s Hillary, I’m sure he plans on getting her ear when need be. If it’s Trump, we will never go a day or two when the left dominated media isn’t carrying his nutsack.

    This is also the first I had heard about the left wing destruction of Guatemala. I know Obama had a hard on for Honduras and Nicaragua is in the hands of Ortega. I guess all those ex-pats in Costa Rica are sweating bullets now. No wonder all of these people are pouring over our border.

    Giving Obama/Jarrett the keys to this government will probably turn out to be the straw that collapsed the whole she-bang.

    He’s like the nightmare you can never wake up from.

  2. But they hate each other. How can two parties at perpetual odds with each other work collaboratively?

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