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The preference of welfare over employment

Oregon Catalyst:
Larry HussThe Wall Street Journal’s weekend addition carried the following headline (above the fold): “Hiring Slowed At Close Of Record Jobs Year” followed by the sub-headline “New positions grew by 199,000 in December and the unemployment rate fell to 3.9%.” I read the Wall Street Journal because among all of the mainstream media it stands alone in a dedication to follow the facts rather to recite a predetermined political narrative. I was disappointed in the coverage because it left both the “markers” and the most critical element of an employment trends off the table.

First, the only reason that it was “record jobs year” is that it was the recovery of a virtual crash in the jobs market caused by the government hysteria over the COVID-19 pandemic. In point of fact, the recovery is just about as anemic as the jobs recovery under former President Barack Obama following the Bush/Obama recession of 2008-09. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, prior to the recession, employment peaked in January of 2008 at approximately 138,403,000. There were approximately 13,000,000 jobs lost. It took until May of 2015 – seven long years – for that number to recover to 138,511,000 jobs. And even at that it was not a full recovery because the number of people eligible to enter the workforce increases at about 200,000 per month – 2.4 million per year.

The job loss caused by the pandemic began in about February of 2020 when the employment peaked at 152,523,000. Two months later – May of 2021 – the employment figure had dropped to 130,161,000 – a loss of 22,363,000 jobs. read more

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  1. I like my time off, but it would drive me nucking futz if I didn’t do anything ELSE, and my wife would agree that I’d drive HER nucking futz if I didn’t leave occasionally, so the weffare life is not for me…

  2. While the Supreme Court just shot down the vaccine mandate, there are a lot of people who are unemployed as a result of Jackass Joe’s fuckery!

  3. We pay for Pelosi’s salary so she can participate in insider trading and make millions of dollars. And she’s not the only corrupt one.

    Think about that…

  4. I’m still trying to figure out how people get this free money!

    It seems that the inside track on milking taxpayers is to be born into the government freebie system and consider learning the all the handout agencies and their vernacular from an early age and making that your full time job.

  5. Lambs to the slaughter, and they don’t realize it. That’s because their “education” was indoctrination into serfdom.

  6. I have an aunt who is in her 80’s who lives in a low income apartment building and has medical issues receives $8 a month in food assistance.
    My piece of crap neighbor who is able bodied with 3 kids gets over $1000 a month in food assistance plus a monthly tax credit for his kids and literally thousands back every year from IRS that he doesn’t pay into.
    The system is broken.


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