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The Present

The story of a mother’s concern that her son is becoming engrossed with things that aren’t healthy and real, so she buys him a present of a 3-legged dog.

This 4 minute short earned the makers a job at Pixar and Disney.

ht/ Hanoverfist


15 Comments on The Present

  1. For the first two minutes I wanted to slap the kid upside the head . . . and then they hit you with it. I did not see that coming.
    Hard for me to type . . . can’t see the screen very well; all blurry; those damn springtime allergies, I guess.

  2. Jacob, you did good. Look at all of the IOTW criers! Moving people in less than five minutes is an amazing feat.
    It’s like my favorite Joe Pitka Budweiser commercial where the soldier enters the airport and everyone starts clapping. Gets me in tears every time I see it.
    It’s all about the storytelling, man.

  3. I watched this last Sunday on CBS Sunday Morning and had the same reaction as Mr. Mxyzptlk at the beginning, then, Bam! I was overjoyed and misty eyed by the end. Video is absolutely Pixar perfect.

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