The president defends Pelosi

I agree with Trump’s decision to defend Pelosi against charges of racism by the newly minted disgusting race baiters in congress.

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  1. The fact is the policies of liberal democrats are racist, but I wouldn’t tolerate being called a racist by that anti-American, socialist, class warfare, open borders, piece of crap.

  2. Now Piglosi will look like a bigger asshole than usual the next time she smears Trump as a “racist” with one of her normal throwaway blood slander smears.

  3. I hear where he is coming from because despite all of the smearing of Trump from the left and the MSM he is a decent fellow.

    But major rule of war- when the enemy is making a mistake at your front don’t stop them.

    He could have said “you know they are desperate when they accuse of you being a racist- they have been doing that to me since I announced I was running. Nancy, be of good cheer- the nation not falling for that slanderous dirty trick anymore”.

    But Trump is such a class act he just stood up for Nancy and she will piss on him the first chance she gets.

  4. Trump is just being kind. I’d say, deep down, Pelosi, like Feinstein, Biden, the Clintons and most democrats are racists.
    Dyed in the wool racists. But “The Squad” is worse. The Squad hates Americans of all stripes, and with passion.
    But the word “Racist” is over used. It’s hurtful. That’s all it is. If someone ever called me a racist I’d be pissed.

  5. YES!!!
    And what’s Cortez gonna say now? HAHA! Double down?
    Is she going to call both Trump and Pelosi racists?
    And remember, Cortez’s group is trying to oust Chuck Schumer, too. LOL.
    I think little girl has a full plate and she just burned her big mouth on her soup bowl.

    As for Pelosi, she owes Trump one, and she knows it. It’ll probably kill her. HAHA.

  6. AOC did her usual and claims it is ‘stupidly untrue’ that she said that. Just like she didn’t mean the Green New Deal for reals.

    She shoulda learned some history and realized if you take a swipe at the king you better not miss.

  7. From Ace of Spades:
    “I mean, this proves Nancy Pelosi is a racist, right? That’s how it works. David Duke endorsed Donald Trump, which means, somehow, that Donald Trump also endorses David Duke by the Principle of Implied Reciprocal Endorsement.

    This means that Nancy Pelosi must also endorse Donald Trump, and must reciprocally believe that Trump is not a racist.

    By the Transitive Property, this means also that Nancy Pelosi endorses David Duke.

    That’s how the Geometry of Racism works, at least for Republicans.

    It’s possible Trump knows this is just adding gas grenades to a fire.

    It’s also possible he doesn’t know that, and that this just all works out for him for some reason. Possibly just because if you drive your enemies crazy, they will react like crazypeople to everything you do.”

  8. Trump is taking away the power of the word. It becomes meaningless when it is used constantly. AOC throws it out there against Pelosi who also throws it around to describe Trump. It gets used so much that it becomes background noise.

    I do believe Trump should not interfere in the Democrats eating their own but:
    1)he is a moral & just person who speaks against injustice
    2)by giving some support to Pelosi he looks the bigger person.
    3)It really makes the Demos look out of control & radical
    4)Pelosi looks too weak to be effective. She can’t wipe her own asses in this case.

  9. He’ll get blamed for being sexist for defending a woman like she maybe couldn’t do it herself.
    But my President calls a spade a spade. Pelosi didn’t single them out because they are POC, she did it because POS’s who think being in congress means they are famous now and don’t have to work, and whine when they are assigned any.

  10. She’s not a racist. She’s an “equal opportunity” politician. She abuses the citizenry regardless of race or gender. She will abuse whichever group gets her the best opportunity to increase her power…

  11. That fucking idiot AOC still can’t figure out where the bread went, when the toast popped up in the toaster.

  12. I would have just said that it’s a sign of poor character that Sandy is so disrespectful to her elder.

  13. Did you notice what President Trump did? He called her Cortez! Not AOC, but Cortez. Remember when she had a snit when people were calling her Cortez? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


    Insignificant little piece of Cortez.

  14. “Trump Sends Dog-Whistle To White People, Calls For White Solidarity Across Party Lines”

    …or something like it.

  15. Fur, You caught the essence of Trump’s aims perfectly.

    In her hatred of all things Trump, what’s she gonna do/say? “I AM TOO a racist!”

  16. Still a proud racist since 2008. Their words have no meaning anymore. Now they have to use them against each other
    The left has no ground to stand on. They are all a dumpster fire. And we will see it soon,as they burn down their own house.


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