The president is in unbelievably competent hands ahead of his 2020 reelection

I love how the left thinks Trump is an an accidental president, a clown, unserious, unprofessional… the list goes on and on.

Take a gander at the head of his reelection team, Brad Parscale, and let me know if Trump is unserious.

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  1. Brad, I’m surprised you say worry, I don’t spend as much time on twitter as some do, but what I see doesn’t cause worry. Granted we have a lot of libs against us, but I’m way more confident now than I was in 2015.

  2. I used to know a guy like this guy. He was my college roommate. Originally he started out as an ‘Outdoor Rec Major’. He wasn’t good at math or stood out at anything really….Then he got a gig crunching numbers.He flourished.
    Soon after he moved to silicon valley and started crunching numbers out there. About age 48 he bought a beach in Mexico and retired…..I’d try to find him for Trump, but I think his political views probably wouldn’t mesh….

  3. Parscal vs Pascal

    “The pascal (symbol: Pa) is the SI derived unit of pressure used to quantify internal pressure, stress, Young’s modulus and ultimate tensile strength. It is defined as one newton per square metre”.

    This is a term used by structural engineers and builders like the POTUS to BUILD SHIT.

    Hundreds of feet high.

  4. Parscale knows more about how to run a social media campaign than obama’s OFA, New Knowledge/AET Project Birmingham, or HRC/DNC/Fusion GPS combined… and get this, he’s above board.
    His interview with blatant libtard Frontline/PBS is further proof no one can touch him. Not even close.

    What’s Romney/Kasich’s game plan? Alexa parroting Maxine Water’s voice “‘peach foddy five”?

  5. @ BadBrad- I don’t watch TV or Twit on Twatter.

    Paging Baba WaWa.

    I show up at this FUN shitshow!

    Best to you!

    That BRAD BEARD is the best.

    When the left sees that? They have no idea how to react.

  6. The us dems worked hard in canada to get justine(nice socks)into power and now canada is screwed they counte

    (hack cough)

    . im seeing a great beautiful pollitical wall to our south and it will make a difference in our 2019 election. god bless Donlald J Trump god bless the the great country you YOU have in america GOD BLESS THE USA. Best wishes from a patriotic Canadian.

  7. OnT OT

    Jan. 1 AT&T Inc. completed the sale of its data center colocation operations and assets to Brookfield Infrastructure and its institutional partners

    2 hours ago:
    AT&T says it won’t sell data location services anymore amid calls for federal investigations.
    . . .[and the data is now in somebody elses name]

    This should alarm you, not relieve you.
    Why you ask? They are stopping, right?
    Only the names have changed.
    Why should you be alarmed?
    Because They are admitting it was true. It was real and It is true.
    Smart Phones were BUILT for stupid people.

    THEY built SMART phones for stupid PEOPLE.

  8. More:
    Brookfield Infrastructure Partners
    Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. is one of the largest owners and operators of critical and diverse global infrastructure networks which facilitate the movement and storage of energy, water, freight, passengers and data.
    The company’s objective is to generate long term. . . ? ? ?
    Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. is a publicly traded limited partnership with corporate headquarters in Toronto, Canada, that engages in the acquisition and management of infrastructure assets on a global basis.
    Founded: 2008
    Subsidiaries: Enercare, PD Ports, Arc Infrastructure, More. . .


  9. Brookfield Infrastructure Partners Is Reloading – Seeking Alpha
    Nov 20, 2018. . .Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP) has recently been reporting stagnating
    and even declining FFO/unit, causing its unit price to stagnate.

    Dec 3, 2018. . .Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, courtesy of its global reach and nearly $100
    trillion growth market, is one of the world’s fastest-growing. . .

    Jan 1, 2019. . .AT&T Inc. announced today that it has completed the sale of its data center
    colocation operations and assets to Brookfield Infrastructure


  10. You’d think a guy like Parscale, who was so critical to Trump’s win, would have been indicted by Mueller already. Surely he would have been at the center of any collusion, especially with the “hacking” stuff. Yet there he sits, completely untouched. Why is that, Mueller?

  11. Twitter gives an oversized megaphone to people who don’t represent most of the country. Same with Yelp.

    Same with the mainstream media. Trump has 24/7 hyper negative coverage from every tv channel and newspaper. Last week, they touted his approval ratings were lower than Pelosi’s.

    However, CBS Sunday Morning’s Jane Pauley is giving softball congratulations to Pelosi for being a woman in leadership.

    It’s like the Eric Andre shooting Hannibal Burress meme. The media runs him down constantly and then reports his ratings are low. It’s like, motherfucker, the gun is in your hand.


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