The President Shouting Out To OAN Network

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  1. Mark Dice does the absolute best Brian Stelter voice! He sounds like he is going to cry at times. I enjoy that!

    Also, watching this video, when Adam Shit – I mean Schiff – was speaking, I had a very disturbing thought. Now, I don’t normally talk like this, but Adam Shit looks like his face was squeezed out into a toilet.

    Just made myself puke.

  2. We had Centurylink Prism, which included OAN, however, the Centurylink system and the very slow DSL internet sucked. We got rid of the Centurylink internet, Prism, and the land line. Comcast ot Xfinity isa much better television cable system and their internet is far faster. However, we lost OAN which isn’t available.
    Fox and Fox Business have some good. I like Stuart Varney, Lou Dobbs, Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity.
    Can’t stand Juan Williams, Jeraldo (Jerry Rivers), Sheppie Smith, Judge Nap, Cavuto, and Gasparino.

  3. Whenever Juan Williams, Jeraldo or Nap appear on screen I either switch channels or turn the TV off.


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