The president’s 404 Page that Trolls Hillary

see here

ht/ cynic

14 Comments on The president’s 404 Page that Trolls Hillary

  1. Needs a disclaimer. Viewing this page may cause electronic devices to fly through air in liberal environments.

  2. Trump trolling. His web people deserve a bonus!

    The dimms would never come up with anything like it because they are void of humor.

  3. She devil’s been unusually quiet. She’s usually all over the map spreading rumors, telling lies, trying to destroy America. Google ‘hole in Hillarys tongue.’ Interesting sites hinting she’s not in very good health. Worse than just alcoholism.

  4. Imagine Hitlery blowing a fuse on that one and lashing out screaming obscenities at Bubba!!

    Keep WINNING Mr President! President Trump, that is!!!! lol


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