The President’s Daytona Speech

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  1. @Justin Case – “…That wasn’t shown on the TV!…”

    That’s why we have citizen media, to report what the democrat mouthpiece media will not.

    On a totally different and irrelevant note, did anyone notice Melania’s er, um, boob belt? (he says sheepishly) Don’t hate me for pointing it out. She’s beautiful and wears it like Mike never could. As Rod Stewart once sang, She wears it well.

  2. Stirrin’ YES my wife pointed that out and stated she wears that like a lady…not like the sasquash wearing a boob belt!

  3. I saw it on Fox News, they interrupted Chris Wallace’s show, I switched over to see if they were carrying it. They didn’t show it on the Fox Channel that carried the race.


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