The Progressive Utopia Has Uninvited You

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  1. i like the way he put it, ‘out on the hanging end of a limb they are sawing off’. The idiot patsies of the democommies are in for a huge shock, when they are tossed on the heap with the rest of us. Karma will kick them in the butt.

    Mr Hogg has just about finished with his life as a progressive tool; the fall will of delusionment will not be pretty. Then the PTSD will hit and survivor guilt.

  2. I sure hope that old Brit guy can make it out of England before they haul down the Union Jack and run up the Star and Crescent banner of Islam.

  3. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Europe and the rest of the world, but the progressives can’t have the USA. We were here first, and you can’t have it.

    You want to make your utopia? Make a colony on the Moon; or better yet, on Mars. You can have just the right people in your utopia so you won’t need any safe spaces.

    Hum, that might not work for them. They wouldn’t have anyone they can boss around or be offended by.

    Too bad. Sucks to be you.

  4. Claudia, it would be nice to send them to outer space, but they would need someone to build it for them. I can’t see them doing it themselves, unfortunately we’re stuck with them.On the bright side my millennial college kids tell me that they, and most people they know, think all this crap sucks and want nothing to do with it, Maybe there is hope.

  5. @Anniegirl: Uh, don’t you mean, “Thumbs up, Claudia”?

    Commas can be very important sometimes.


  6. Shared..and as always…with the IOTWR Banner !

    (I’m seeing a lot more IOTWR FB Posts…Liking everyone)

  7. There’s a rather large, purportedly conservative message board I frequent where, I am convinced, paid Leftist trolls are allowed to constantly sow dissent and disinformation. Not saying the website pays them, but I believe someone, somewhere does. These people are almost always online and we’ve observed some of them working in shifts and going off the same scripts.

    At least one of these disinfo agents has been IP’d as somewhere in England. He is 100% exactly as Condell describes. So are all the others. No matter what story from Europe you cite, they have a block of text ready to post IMMEDIATELY that seeks to neutralize it (usually fails but it does sow confusion, which they’re satisfied with). When no response is possible – like when Mohammedans are caught murdering and raping people – they disappear for a few days and pop up again when the discussion has moved on.

    Saddest part is, the owner and moderators of that board tolerate these trolls’ documented lies and blatant slander because nothing sells like controversy. Controversy = clicks = $$$. It’s really just a business, I guess; truth is secondary (at best).

  8. Pat Condell may be an atheist , but he’s my atheist.
    A true Brit, but a minority. He’s being criticized like Robinson is and Enoch Powell was. England is phucked.

  9. I’ve been disinvited? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA Who said I wanted to be invited in the first place?

    “I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough water. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries.”

    (I hope I got most of that right)


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