The Proper Care And Treatment of Antifa

There was suppose to be a rally by the Texas Confederate Militia yesterday, in Austin, Texas, but antifa showed up and intimidated them not to hold their event. Law enforcement was were there to keep the peace and ended teaching some of the mask wearing thugs some manners.


The officers seen in the video are saints.

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  1. antifa is history. Berkeley, of all places, finally made it so when the police there forced the thugs to remove their masks or be arrested. No more. Bye bye antifa.

  2. LCD
    I dunno. Antifa shut down a Press Conference today at Bezerkly. We’ll find out soon I guess Milo is still planning on showing up.

  3. Yea but nothing unites like a common cause, Whether you believe in that cause or not. Hey, at least there not eating Cheeto’s in Moms Basement right.

  4. All that build-up and the video has to run on Facebook. I don’t do Facebook.

    Would have liked to have known that beforehand.

  5. Those who can, achieve and become successful. Those who can’t, mask up, debase themselves with foul language and even fouler behavior, identify with and join other losers, and become “somebody” so they can brag about their “activism” at their part-time burger joint jobs.

    I wonder if their principles would stop them from calling the very people they want dead if their own lives depended on it?

  6. What is going to happen to those
    soft little girls when this crap
    gets knock-down raw ass kickin’ loud! ???
    I would like to ask just one of those
    brain dead turds what is so great about
    the hammer & sickle ?

  7. I know it sounds cruel, but I’d kinda like to see one of those assholes attack a cop and get its head slammed into the asphalt so hard that you can see gray matter oozing out of their little black mask!

  8. Spoiled brats with no strong male role model in their lives, trying to impress their hag commie handler. How pathetic! While they’re wasting their lives on this bullshit, their peers (in age, at least) are zooming past them in life, leaving these sad little dregs in the dust, only to bitterly complain about Big Issues, not taking responsibility for their own lives.

  9. The Leo’s are going to get worse hearing problems , than the range used to give them . There must be a Pitch Meter they could use to Jail those Bitches screaming in their ears !!!

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